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Marco Rubio ????

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Feb 10, 2006
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eastern Montana
Marco Rubio was born in Florida to two cuban immigrant parents-

they became U.S.Citizens after his birth-

what is Marco Rubio's birth status- native born- natural born- other

please explain why with your reasoning.

I believe him to be "native born" not "natural born" but I'm having a hard time proving the definition.

(Hypo- I think you have already posted the answer to this several times when talking about obama- I would like the ruling to back it up-n I just can't find it.)


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Feb 13, 2005
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Wildwood New Jersey
Natural-born citizens are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens.

the problem isn't so much about Obama's parents nationality but about their loyalties... I know many first generation Americans who were devoutly loyal..

it really comes down to divided loyalties.. but the definition was from 200+ years ago

if you and your family fought for the independence then it was assumed where your loyalties would lie..

but what of later generations.. if you mother was British.. or your father, would you be sympathetic to them? would in a crucial moment have divided loyalties..

now 200 years later we see the result... often senators and congressmen with parents and heritage from other nations vote against our sovereignty. just as some of long lineage..

but as President there should be no question... none..

and this is where the problem lies.. there is a question.. a question of loyalty..

I sincerely doubt he has any loyalty to the British.. or even Kanya or his family.. but by the same token.. I do not see a loyalty to the US either..

all of our federal representatives should be Natural born citizens.. showing a strong loyalty to the US,...

and the problem I see growing isn't so much about parentage, but about how many immigrants and some Americans view our country.. .

Stanley Anne Dunham was not loyal in fact many would have called her an internationalist or globalist.. her loyalty wasn't with her native land.. but with her views..

and while Obama was only raised a few years by her, he was brought up in the same manner by her parents..

so as long as there is a question of loyalty there is a problem..

as for Rubio.. I would not be supportive of him running for President.. but even with two foreign parents he may be more loyal then Obama ever could be.


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Apr 12, 2008
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real world
MY opinion on Rubio, from all the reading I have done on the subject, is that Marco is not a Natural Born citizen.......but, I have not searched for any credible/documented information on his parents" citizenship, when he was born in the US.

If his parents were Naturalized US citizens when he was born in the US, then that would make him a US Natural Born Citizen......

You are saying that his parents were not "naturalized" at the time of his birth, so that would make him a "Native born citizen", which is not "good enough" for President......

obama's situation is also a little bit different, in that, his father was a British subject, which was bestowed upon Barry, so he was a dual citizen......I'm not familiar with the Cuban laws when it comes to citizenship.

.....I have not found any Supreme Court decision that allows for a "dual citizen" to also be considered a Natural Born Citizen.

Remember, you cannot discount the "birthright citizenship" of any person.....which brings us to Steve's point of "dual loyalties"

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