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Market Review at 101 Livestock

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May 24, 2005
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The Dam End of Silicon Valley

Market Review - June 28, 2005

This week was a pleasant surprise in the cattle business. Usually bad news like the positive test on the cow for BSE produces negative results in our market. We certainly expected as much and tried to hold off some cattle until the market had a chance to absorb the news.

While some heavy cattle might have been a little lower there were spots where the cattle were higher. Monday the futures opened higher, Tuesday there was more of the same, and this morning they are higher again. so bad news seems to have had a positive effect on our market and that was a big relief for everyone around here.

The transportation bill in the conference committee needs your support. We need Ca. to accept King Pen to Rear Axle trucks 46' in length. You can help by calling Honorable Gary Miller at 202-225-3201 in Washington DC and ask for his help.

Another issue we could use your support on is animal ID. We do not need a mandatory ID program that would cost millions and millions of dollars. We think a voluntary program at this time could have a very positive effect on animal ID and let the market drive participation. You can make comments to http://animalid.aphis.usda.gov/nais/index.shtml prior to July 6th to help in the effort to establish a voluntary program.

This week was the first time we had a few light cattle John Rocha sold 384# steers for $143.00. Joyce Silvera sold 407# steers for $137.00. Lone Pine Ranch of Covelo sold four loads of fancy charx and black cattle that were source verified with no implants or antibiotics and they came with a good vaccination program of 4-way, 8-way boosted two weeks prior to shipping. Good herd management by Bob Fulkner set the stage for some pretty fancy prices. 65 steers in one lot weighing 701# brought $108.00. His heifers weighing 566# brought $113.75. Rob Martinelli of Pt. Reyes Station sold 833# fleshy steer calves for $100.60. Great sale on todays market. R&M Cattle Co. of Las Alamos sold 743# limo steers at $105.10 and 665# heifers for $103.75. John Rocha of Watsonville sold 600# steers for $113.25 and 528# heifers for $114.75. Gene Strohn of Hollister sold 778# steers for $101.00 and the heifers weighing 770# for $94.00. Joe & Kathy Vargas of Gilroy sold 600# steers for $115.00 and 722# steers brought $105.25 and the heifer mates weighing 687# brought $106.00. These were fancy calves with the best herd management and vaccination program and sired by Gelbveih bulls out of Angus cows.

We were sure pleased with the sale in the face of so much bad news. I guess it's better to be cautious in a situation like we have had over the last few weeks. Hopefully, we can get all the bad news behind us and get to selling cattle. Have a great 4th and drive careful there will be a lot of traffic. We will see you in two weeks.

Info needed for Source Verified Cows
0. Electronic Tags
0. Paper work includes
?. EID#
?. Age of cow by that #
?. Premise #

Info needed for Source Verified Calves
0. Electronic Tags
0. Paper work includes
?. Premise #
?. Vaccination Program
?. Calving dates (example: 1st calf born Sept. 1 last calf born Dec. 15)

To get your premise number you can log on to www.cdfa.ca.gov/egov/pais/ or call (916)654-1447

Classes of cattle to be sold next year
1st.Comercial Cattle These are cattle that come to our market that are not individually identified. And although they may be on a vaccination program we can not verify this.

2nd Source Verified These cattle come with age, premise, and EID# . They also have a minimum vaccination program. (#1)

3rd Certified Natural These cattle are source verified and at least the minimum vaccination program and have not antibiotics or implants.

Required Vaccination Programs to go with Electronic ID tags
Program #1
(if you are only able to work your cattle once?AT BRANDING? 8-WAY; 4-WAY + LEPTO; PASTURELLA W/ BACTERIN & TOXID
Program #2
?AT BRANDING? 8-WAY; 4-WAY + LEPTO 5 Modified Live Virus
PRIOR TO SHIPPING (30 days to 2 weeks)? 8-WAY; 4-WAY + LEPTO 5 Modified Live Virus although Pasturella is not required we recommend it.

Program #3
(the best program)
Same as Program 2 but wean calves? NASAL WEANING DEVICE APPLIED ? the best way to wean your calves with the less stress. Can be shipped after 2 weeks. or standard 30 day wean off cow.
Brand Names for Vaccines
8-WAY: vaccinations for bacillary hemoglobinuria (red water); clostridium (black leg); haemophilus somnus; septicum (malignant edema); novyi (black disease); sordellii & per-fringers types C&D (enterotoxemia & overeating)
Vision vaccinations by Intervet; Alpha, Bar-Vac, Pulmo Guard vaccinations by Boehringer; UltraChoice, Ultrabac, Fortress vaccinations by Pfizer; Piliguard by Schering; Bovi Plaz & Resist vaccinations.
4-Way: vaccinations for IBR (infectious bovine rhinotracheitis); BVD (bovine virus diarrhea); PI3 (parainfluenza3 virus); BRSV (bovine respiratory syncytial virus)
Cattlemaster vaccinations by Pfizer; Pyramid vaccinations by Fort Dodge; Elite, Express vaccinations by Boehringer; Respishield vaccinations by Merial; Covert & Exalt vaccinations; Titanuim 5
Pasturella: OneShot by Pfizer has the 8-way combined with Pasturella
Lepto: many of the 4-way shots have the Lepto included
101 Livestock Market. I read CLint Peck's story in the recent issue of BEEF Magazine on this livestock market.........this market knows and understand the value of source/age verification and passes the benefits on to his customers. I look forward to visiting their livestock market someday.

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