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Marketing Question

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Feb 14, 2005
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Stratford, Texas
I have a marketing question, for lack of a better term. Is this or is this not a good place to market the benefits of a product or a service? Does using this medium to explain the benefits of a product or service turn people off? If not, why are there so few replys? Curious!

Most people in the sales & marketing business are always looking for better ways to reach potential customers. What with the rise in travel expenses, this medium presents itself as a very attractive alternative to driving down the road and making cold calls.

My recent post concerning Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes spurred one very good response. Out of a large number of "lookers", one responded. And I do appreciate that reply. Hope it turns into a sale!!

Unfortunately, the ag world like to see you face to face. With high travel cost companies are looking for ways to get their message out and complete a sale. The problem is the AG Business is a service intense business. The vaccine companies are finding this out as well as equipment and other folks selling to the Ag community.
As for On Line Marketing the problem here is your potential buyers ar over 50 and in many cases over 60 and they are not as computer savvy as certain reports would lead you to believe.
The key to marketing is "face time"
Have a good one and buy a more fuel efficient mode of transportation. I suggest a good Quarter Horse or a Mule in the desert areas!
I don't know Cattle Co.-there's a couple old frost hairs are a bit too computer savvy that are on here. Whoever taught them how to cut and paste should be shot lol.
Yes a few frosty hairs, but numbers of computer savvy old farts like us is not as many as the market analyst will lead you to believe! I hope it improves.

So if I read your response right, you think Ag Sales People should still be driving up and down the road, getting face to face with buyers, to get their products sold? Nothing wrong with that, if you are face to face with the right buyers! An age old problem that has not changed!!

The fact that most of the producers in agriculture today are in their 50's and 60's or older, means nothing when it comes to Internet savy. At trade shows I have been amazed at the number of older producers who want to know a website address. And that number is growing. I would imagine that a good number of folks using this website are 50 and over. Why don't you take a poll and find out....it would be very interesting!

Maybe the next poll would be, how many producers and potential buyers of Ag products shop the Internet before they buy?

Personally, I would rather go to a good trade show than drive up and down the road. What's your thoughts about trade shows as a marketing avenue? Got a little time before NCBA, so how 'bout some ideas!!!

I agree with face to face communication. You need to differentiate your product from the competition then show producers face to face why your product offers better features than what they are used to.

If you have a product that is better than the competition, all you have to do is explain how it's better.

If I was selling squeeze chutes, I would gain permission to set up somewhere near a sale barn during the large cattle runs. Perhaps it would require a commission paid to the owner of the property but you would reach a lot of cattlemen that way. Stockshows and state fairs are another great place to show your product to producers. I'd recommend Denver, Houston, and Black Hills.

I agree with Cattle Co. that you need to go to the producers with your product.

One of the things I do every year at the Denver Stockshow is to compare the new features on all the various squeeze chutes. Pearson, Hy Qual, Powder River, ForeMost, Silencer, WW, and a dark green one that I cannot think of right now.

Good luck!

SH, the dark green one may have been a Morand.

That is what we bought and you're right...we compared the features of several different chutes at the NILE stock show. Sure beats driving all over the place trying to remember the features of one over the other. We wouldn't have done that, so displaying at the shows is imperative to selling, especially livestoch handling equipment and machinery, I do believe.

The key to selling anything is to have a great product, deal with a company that will back it up and then follow up with good good service.

Case in point: Lewis Cattle Oilers. We saw them at NILE and Rapid City Stock Shows and were interested. A salesman showed up at our place and as a result, we did purchase one. He set it up and is to be back once a year to check on us, plus we have an 800 number if we need to contact them. That's service. We don't expect them to come around every month, but we do expect them to be accessible if we need something.

Service has played a huge part in our Vigortone dealership. The people that buy from us are not on their own, and they know that. If they need something, we do our best to provide it. We've worked with many of these ranchers one-on-one to help them understand what they are buying , which product to use for different situations, the correct way to feed mineral and the results they should see from using it. Customer loyalty is almost nil these days, but we seem to have it; maybe because we are truly interested in the success of their operation. People know if you are sincere or not, and I think that is the biggest thing a salesman has to overcome. Are you selling a product for your own good, or for the good of the person buying it?
I have a marketing question, for lack of a better term. Is this or is this not a good place to market the benefits of a product or a service? Does using this medium to explain the benefits of a product or service turn people off? If not, why are there so few replys? Curious!

GLA, as for Ranchers.net being a good site to advertise on, I would say no, unless you are posting an ad on the front page. Our experience on here so far has been with a few who's answer to every question is to buy their product. So, there may be some "cool reception" to marketing on Ranchers.

I would suggest that you place an ad of some type in the Ranchers Classified section and we will take a look at your product and then if we have any questions, we can private message you.

Having you on hand in our discussion groups will be make you accesible and your product more appealing to those that disire further info.

Also, check with M Gravlee, the administer, to see how the banner ads work. My understanding is that when someone enters a key word or topic that corresponds with your product, a banner pops up advertising your website, might just generate the interest that you are looking for.
We use thw internet for allot of research on diferent items(since we finally have moved and have some sort of power) I will look at the things I am interested in and then see if I can find them locally to go touch and feel. Then according to price(Iwill pay alittle more locally just to support the economy) Iwill either order or pick it up.
It has to be a combination of both Internet Advertising and direct contact. The Challenge for suppliers of Ag Products and Services is to get as much face and face time in a short period of time. Denver Stock Show is a waste as far as having a booth their for cattle product suppliers. Black Hills Stock SHow is the REAL DEAL!!! 10 days and Real Ranchers and their families coming to town and they BUY snd ORDER PRODUCT. The Black Hills Stock Show folks are the greatest!!! I have worked both shows as a exhibitor and BHSS wins hands down for dollars invested ...dollars returned. NWSS has turned into a Carnival! The YARDS use to be the place.....but with breeders having their own BUll Sales that aspect of the Yards is over. I showed cattle for several years in Denver, did Sales, and worked the deal as a Trade Show Exhibitor and I thought I HAD to go to Denver. Anymore , I could care less about going. It is not the people, I miss not seeing a lot of folks I saw once a year......it's the SHow Atmosphere.........BLAH!
With high energy cost, travel expenses you have to juggle the Internet and the Road Travel. I have been in this Internet Marketing deal since 1993! I will tell you this a lot of folks thought it was a flash in the pan when it started......were they DEAD Wrong!!