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Medicine Vest

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Apr 12, 2005
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South Texas
I believe it was in this months Western Horsemen,there was an article on calving,and one of the boys had a medicine vest.I myself have a medicine bag that holds two bottles behind the cantle of my saddle,and two syrenge holders on my chinks.But i was wondering if anyone makes those medicine vests,or do you get them custom done.I would like to buy one for my dad,and another man.Thank you for your help.
I seen that too and thought that at times, one of them vests sure would be handy. I'll bet if you went to your local leatherworker or anyone who is handy with sewing things, that they would be able to make up a fair facsimile!
I have a pouch that hangs off the left side of my saddle that will hold a couple of bottles and a syringe or two and some extra needles. And my son just used an old boottop that I made into a smaller bag and it seems to work pretty good also. Maybe in the brush, a vest would be handier tho'.
Yeah,thats what i figured id do,the guy i get all my leater repair is a genious,but you have to pay.I wanted to get one for my dad,because he just plain dosent like extra stuff on his saddle,andi wanted to get one for the man i daywork with because theres usually a maze of needles around the chute or branding trap.I have seen a bunch of boys use boot tops,i like themespecially if theyre from a good lookin set of old boots.I was thinking about putting a litle loop so you can stick the handle of an ear tagging gun in there to keep it out of the way,along with some medicine bottle holders,some syrenge holders,and some pockets,if you come up with anything else thatd be handy please let me know.
Heck, if your handy, just get a couple of old pair of pants and an old vest and go to makin' the dang thing! Thats kind'a how I got started buildin' saddles. But I used leather instead of canvas. If it don't turn out the way you want just tear it apart and start over. Mistakes are just another way of learnin'!
How ever you make it, make darn sure you are very careful with how the syringe, and especially the needles are stored/carried. Even a clean 'stick' with a needle can cause big trouble for a person.

Which reminds me, have all you country people who get down and dirty sometimes got your tetanus shots up to date? Conventional wisdom is every ten years, and I've been told every five years for us "dirt" workers.
Getting the shots in years ending in 0 and 5 is an easy way to remember when it is due. Think there was a case of tetanus in SD a year or two ago and that it is not easy on a person, though usually survivable.

Nurses or other medical people are welcome to set me straight if I have something incorrect.

Good thought MRJ.

A handy way to carry a syringe is inside of a legth of hose, such as a radiator hose, that is longer than the syringe with needle attached. Get a chunk of hose slightly bigger on the inside than the size of the syringe on the ouside, so it will slide in and out easily. My neighbor has one of these attached to the back of his saddle, with a strap over the top of the syringe to hold it in place. And a hose inside of a bag keeps the needle clean and keeps the needle froms sticking what ain't supposed to be stuck. :shock: :eek: :lol: :wink:
Yeah,i understand about the needles,I always carry mine without the needles,and put the needles in mychap pocket,when i need them,i just pop them on,and when im through,i pop them off.
If I can get out some time I will checkat a store we call Peavey Mart. Like a Tractor supply that has sold those vest in the past. They are made out of canvas. Joke was as us Stock grower Directors had nice wool vests that we were going to get those medicine vests next for going thru the food line at meetings so we could hold a jucie box,cutlry, coffee creamer ect.
You can also buy in a forestry supply catalog or store a "timber cruiser's vest". I have used them for years, they have more pockets than you can use, big ones, small ones, very big ones behind the back, pen holders, you name it. Try Forestry Supply. They are nylon, lite weight and last forever. Started using one when tagging calves from cows from the res that would not let anything touch their baby, you never wanted to catch a calf, get it down and go "OH SH#T" I don't have anymore tags!!!!! That is when I realized I guess I am a "REAL COWBOY"
A tetanus story: This made an impression on me as a nurse. A woman died of tetanus from a rose thorn prick. You'd hardly bat an eye at such an insignificant wound compared to what you ranchers deal with daily but it was just deep enough to push a dirty anaerobic microbe where it could grow.

The tetanus shots are supposed to be every ten years but if you have a wound you should have had a shot within the past 5 years.

I've found taping the last tetanus dates for the family to the back of the driver's license helps when you're out of town on vacation and have a mishap.

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