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Message to Clarence

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Hey Clarence,

Check your private email messages.

I took pictures of that barn for you on a digital camera. They turned out awesome. Nice enough for any calendar. Send me your snail mail addy through Private Message and I'll send you the disc.

SH, could you post some on here for us to see? Thanks either way.

I got the message. Have sent you one. Will be through Kadoka tomorrow forenoon, might get to see you. I will check my e-mail in the morning before I leave. If I don't forget I will bring one of my books on native plants and grasses along, I think I still have 6 or 7 left, could let yoy have one.
Clarence Nollett
Sorry Rancher!

Not sure how to do pictures.

If Clarence knows, perhaps he can post them at a later date.


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