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Midwest Versatility Horse Sale

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains
Paul Tiereny held his invitational horse sale at Rapid City
Saturday. There weren't a lot of people in attendence.
The Tiereny horses sold well, but because of the lack of
buyers, there were many no sales.

Two of the Tiereny horses brought $11,000 and one
brought $10,000.

Jace Crabb, from Mangum, Oklahoma stole the show in my opinion.
His horses were totally broke!! He brought three, one gray
was lot #2. He was only 3 years old, really nice, he was
started nice roping as well, and he only
brought $3500. The next horse he sold was 5 years old, a stocking-legged
sorrell that he previewed and he brought $11,000.

Here is a picture of the sorrell horse in the ring:


And his gray 4-year old was my favorite. He too, was totally broke
and so nice. He showed him heading in the preview. He brought
$10,000. I always enjoy seeing good horses bring good money.
This was the only picture of him that turned out. The rest were too dark.


There were certainly some good buys on rope horses, IMO.
Paul got injured bringing the roping steers up the alley.
It seems that a steer ran by him and ran a horn really close to
his eye. It looked pretty bad, but this morning he said it was
a lot better. Lucky guy, it could have put his eye out. I can't
imagine having to oversee a sale with an injury like that.
But of course, he symbolizes the word 'tough' and he carried

One thing we really appreciated. They had put 'neck protectors'
on all the calves they used for calf roping.

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