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Miles City Hosts Fundraiser

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March 1, 2006

Miles City Livestock Commission Hosts Enormous Fund-Raiser

(Miles City, Mont.) – Just last week, the Miles City Livestock Commission hosted R-CALF USA Co-Founder and Former President Leo McDonnell and a rollover calf sale that raised more than $15,000 for the organization. Glen Rugg and Duane Rugg, of Plevna, donated the calf for the auction.

“The sale was excellent,” said Miles City Livestock Commission Co-Owner Rob Fraser. “We had really good participation from local businesses, local ranches, order buyers and cattle feeders. We have been supporting R-CALF since 2002 and we feel R-CALF has been highly effective.”

“R-CALF represents us in the area of the cattle business that no one else is working on,” commented Glen Rugg. “You cannot expect an organization to get work done unless you support the organization.”

“R-CALF USA is the only national organization working solely for the U.S. cattle producer,” said Duane Rugg. “All of the problems we as producers face today will seem insignificant if unlimited supplies of cattle are imported into this country.

“R-CALF has done an outstanding job of representing our interests when it comes to foreign trade agreements, and that is why we support them,” continued Rugg.

Former R-CALF USA National Membership Chair Jack McNamee spearheaded the organization of the fund-raiser. R-CALF USA National Membership Co-Chair Judie Manuel and Mary Ann Murray, of Jordan, also helped with the event. Jordan serves on R-CALF USA’s Animal ID Committee.

“I was really impressed because the crowd was not that large,” noted McNamee. “It may have been the largest sale we have had in Miles City for R-CALF USA. “Everyone that was there was there to support it, and the local businesses were very supportive.

“Some of the main issues that R-CALF has impacted are the Canadian border, trade and Country-of-Origin Labeling,” commented McNamee. “The U.S. has the mentality that we have to give access to gain access.

“They are going to break us allowing everyone else’s products into our country,” said McNamee. “R-CALF is the only organization saying that the U.S. must rethink their trade philosophy and take care of our producers at home.”

“R-CALF is the best industry leader we have right now,” noted Tim Donnelly, of Miles City. “R-CALF has done a tremendous job of staying on top of issues. They do a great job of representing the producers in Washington, D.C.”

Contributors included: East Main Animal Clinic; Farm Credit Services; Miles City Livestock Commission; Prewitt & Co.; John Smith; First Interstate Bank; Ben Minow; D&S Cattle Co.; Joe Nemitz; Lloyd Ketchum; Muggli Bros.; Tim Donnelly; Jack Witcher; Katie and Harry Stevens; Jim and Nancy Espy; Cross L Ranch; Doug Vescovi and Family; Lorn Hinebauch and Co.; Montana Power Sports; Deluxe Motors; Valley Feeders; Bruce and Sandy Lockie; Big Rock Ranch; Ty Jones; Jim Hagemeister Feedlot; Jack Mitchum; Quick Enterprises; Can-Am Distributing; Jack McNamee Angus; Walt and Judy Manuel; Mike and Connie Lohof; Mac’s Frontierland; Brookman Livestock; Lyle Quick; Emmette LaBree; Monty Herzog; Lyle Peterson; Notbohm Motors; Lige and MaryAnn Murray; Muri Limousin; Michael Haughian; 4L Land and Livestock; Clifford Highland; Farmer’s Elevator; Niedge Feeds; Dick DeCock; BB&H Ranches; Mike Karrels; Jay Murnion; Sam Stinson; and Rugg Ranches.

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R-CALF USA (Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund, United Stockgrowers of America) represents thousands of U.S. cattle producers on domestic and international trade and marketing issues. R-CALF USA, a national, non-profit organization, is dedicated to ensuring the continued profitability and viability of the U.S. cattle industry. R-CALF USA's membership consists primarily of cow/calf operators, cattle backgrounders, and feedlot owners. Its members - over 18,000 strong - are located in 47 states, and the organization has over 60 local and state association affiliates, from both cattle and farm organizations. Various main street businesses are associate members of R-CALF USA. For more information, visit www.r-calfusa.com or, call 406-252-2516.

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