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Missing link proof

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Jun 7, 2005
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Proofs for missing links tend to be poor and scanty. For one infamous example, I will tell you how far a scanty peice of evidence was taken.

1922, The London Illustrated News featured an article on a recently found new species. Either an ape-like human or a human like ape, either way, a missing link of evolution between ape and man. Illustrations of the creature were shown with his "wife". The way of life of this creature called the Nebraska Man, including, "family life", use of tools, and behavior were decribed in some detail. Dr. Osborn of Columbia University had first decided that a tooth found in Nebraska was the tooth of a Nebraska man. It was not quite human nor quite ape. However, the tooth was finally found out to be the tooth of a pig. There are many more examples of this kind of puny, phony evidence being used to tell us so much about evolution. Man is more than a modified bacteria. God created us, and any other belief is an escape from the responsibilities held by all of us.
I figured some of y'all would be expecting humor with a title like that. Sorry to disappoint. However, if y'all wanna share some missing link jokes, go right ahead. :) :roll: :gag: (I can't think of any good ones. I never heard of this kind of humor. Share it with me.