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Aug 22, 2006
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What's everyone using? We have used the Bovishield and Express products in the past. Have a few friends using the Pyramid products and they have been just as satisfied. Just getting ready to precondition bull calves and was wondering what everyone else was doing.
I always precondition with ViraShield 6, PulmoGaurd PHM(i use Express 5 Phm at branding in the spring so i like to switch it up a little and i dont use live vaccine on the cows so i still go by the label and dont give a live vaccine to a calf on a bred cow even though we have been told that there us less than 1% chance of abortion), Pinkeye(got a special mixture a local vet had made because of certain strains in the area, at branding we use Piligaurd), 7way w/Somnus, ralgro, and pour with cydectin. Vet starting to recommend using injectable wormer, becasue of greater efficacy(pry not spelled right). I dont care for it because its just another needle to worry about. Sometimes just use Durasect for fly control at precon and then cydectin at weaning for worming. And if we have to drive a ways or trailer we give an intranasal either Nasalgen or Enforce. At weaning we just booster with Express 5. Our vet now is carrying all the Pfizer line of products and I am thinking of going that way and getting on the Pfizer plan to save some money. But the Express products have worked great since we started using them so i hate to change.
Yeah, I'm trying to figure out what to do as well. I've been giving a MLV in the fall to bred cows for a few years with good success, but last year I had some problems. A few cows aborted right around the IBR mark, but I was unable to get them diagnosed so I'm not sure what the true cause was, it may have been pine needles. I also lost a yearling heifer 48 hours post vaccination due to allergic reaction. That was a new one since I'm used to seeing a reaction immediately post-vacc. This heifer was posted, and that was definitely the cause. The vaccine company has paid for the diagnostics, and is discussing compensation for my loss.

It's been frustrating since I vaccinate animals to protect them, not to kill them :? . I will stick with using MLV product on the calves this fall, just not sure what to give the cows.
We use MLV vaccines, although we have used the Novartis killed stuff on cows we got back from a lease deal gone south.
The cowherd is vaccinated with Express 5 pre-breeding and we don't do any fall vaccines on the cows. We do booster cows with Ultrabac 7/Somnugen every few years.
Calves are vaccinated with ultrabac 7/somnugen and Pyramid 4 with presponse at branding and again 2 weeks prior to weaning. Calves that we keep onto grass are boostered a second time as yearlings when we actually brand and prior to turnout. At this point we usually gather DNA samples on any replacement heifers and sire verify them, unless we have already done it at weaning.
Cows are not usually wormed, but we try to cycle through different products if we do need to, so we can prevent resistance.
We used to scour guard, but late spring calving has sorted that need, and we occasionally have bought a bull that was fusoguarded for foot rot.
you say you dna sample your replacements, how much does that cost? Do you dna the bulls when you buy them so you know or how do you do it? I always just buy so many bulls the same bloodline and put them together, but the dna sample would make everything more flexible.
The one place we have bought bulls already has them done with DNA in the lab. Any bull we buy without DNA gets a hair sample pulled and sent to the lab as soon as they are unloaded in our yard. The first thing we do is Sire Verify the bull (most Canadian PB associations require walking and AI sires to have DNA on file with the lab). We learned that one the hard way.
We have been pretty lucky with the heifer thing and most of it (including the cowherd) was done as part of a research project (just time and labour), but long term we are paying around $15 for a simple SV test.
branding bov gold ultra bac 8
weaning bov gold oneshot ultra 8 piliguard
bov gold 5l5 ultrabac 8 muse
Bov gold ultra bac 8 nasalgen
IMO, the best program as far as effective, and best value for the $$$ spent is MLV given annually to cows each year before bull turnout. Then MLV given to the calves. I didn't get the cows vaccinated this year, so the calves will have to have killed vaccine.
Bovishield is the only MLV I use. Bovishield Gold FP5+VL5 for cows about a month before calving. Bovishield Gold 5 for calves with a booster of the complete vaccine. I used to give three rounds to calves before I'd let them leave here, but I'm going to add a somnus this year so I'm going to try to get by with just two rounds.

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