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Feb 14, 2005
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Western South Dakota
I have had more moisture today than I've had in the past 4 months!

If this is what is going to happen because of "Global warming" then bring it on! :lol:

Most of my life, this stuff would have been snow at this time of the year.

I just love rain. sigh. :)

(to the sound of music in the background) It's raining it's pouring the old man is snoring, lalalalala.........
glad you're getting some of this stuff, had to go into town today, four wheel drive all the way out to the pavement (10 miles), I forgot how to drive in mud like this it has been so long. I think that in the last two weeks we have had the same amount of precip that we had all year last year, and it has come slow and steady and soaked in instead of running off. This is great. :D :D :D
Hey! Your the one who brags about living in "the big muddy valley"! :lol:

Nope, not braggin' just terribly, terribly excited and happy! :eek: :) :) :lol: :wink:
I hope you get some of this, too. We've been so blessed with this moisture, as sw says, I think we've received as much moisture this past 2 weeks as we received last year. Used to complain about driving in the muck, I just asked the Lord to give us more so I can LEARN to drive in the muck!!!! :D :D :) :) :wink: :wink: 8)

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