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Monoslope or Coverall hoop buildings?

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Feb 12, 2005
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We are looking to build a beef finisher building. We looked at a Monoslope steel building and a Coverall (Titan series) hoop building. Anyone have any experiences with either one? Any pros or cons would be appreciated. Thanks
I know that pricewise in this area, that the coverall buildings are rapidly catching up with the steel buildings. I've heard they have alot of problems including collapsing if the snowloads are heavy. Don't know what a monoslope building is. Alot of the buildings that go up in this area are post frame wood construction covered with 29 gauge prepainted steel sheeting. Its a fairly reasonable compromise between straight steel and those cheap coverall buildings.
i have a winkler hoop barn for a calving barn. I love it, it is nice and bright, it doesn't swet like a metal building. And if you get a trussed beam hoop they are very strong, but the single pipe rafters are some what weak.

Since you are using it for a finisher i would talk to some one that uses both, and go look at them and see how they work. I know that small things can make or break a confinment feeder. So research every thing before you start.
Most of the hoop buildings in our area have been damaged by wind. Unless the fabric has improved or your in an area protected from the wind I would be concerned about wind as a peril.
Thanks for the replies. We did tour a dairy setup that was a 110 ft x 600 ft. hoop. The air quality was great. We are worried that with beef you have less sq. foot per animal, and the ammonia could be a problem. Single width hoops are being used but the 120 ft wide is new for beef. Scary to be one of the first to try it. But will have to continue to check things out.
We have our daughter in law checking into the price difference next week. She works at an insurance agency. Will let you know.
There are companies which insure them. Make sure it includes the wind peril as it will be the peril most likely to occur.
We checked into insurance, it is the same for either one. Goes on the value of the building.

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