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Montana floods

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Hey Faster Horses or even rancher for that matter, did you get the big flooding that Baker had last night? I heard KFLN had some damage to their equipment last night. They were having some troubles this morning with their programming.

I wonder who you talked with to get all the rain you have had this year. I might want to visit with them. :roll: I was through all of southern MT last week, and your area looked the best for grass, but all looked great for once. Gosh there are some beautiful areas in your state.

I had .3 tenths so far today, but it is about over, and it didn't rain much a few miles from here. Maybe next year it will be our turn, but our grass is pretty good here with our limited rain, but the hay is short.
Well, Jake, I took the $3.98 camera (the only one I could find, and I bought it years ago for our grandson to take pictures with, so no telling how the pictures will turn out) down to our big new bridge and took pictures of Sandstone Creek right up to the bottom of the bridge. We just got that new bridge put in last year and are we ever glad. I don't think the other one could have stood the pressure. Yep, it is flooding all right. Some one heard KFLN say they got 6 inches of rain last night, but that is incorrect. They got 1.55 inches, but all the creeks were already up to the banks so what we got last night put them over the banks. It is pretty wild seeing those creeks running over. We have an artesian well on the creek and my husband says it is all under water. I didn't want to drive my Tahoe down there and get it all muddy, so guess I will take his word for it. If my pictures turn out and IF I can figure out how to do it, I will post some on here.

I will probably have to take them (as they will be 35mm) into the paper office and have them scanned and e-mailed to me. Maybe I will just break down and set up my new camera.

Yup, that's what I'm gonna do. I looked again for the one that is lost, still no luck. That is certainly a mystery and an expensive loss. I'm sick and tired of worrying and wondering about it.

I got out the camcorder and the battery was run down on it. I should have two batteries for it, guess what? I CAN ONLY FIND ONE. I think we have a ghost in our house with a fetish for electronics...
Faster horses said:
I got out the camcorder and the battery was run down on it. I should have two batteries for it, guess what? I CAN ONLY FIND ONE. I think we have a ghost in our house with a fetish for electronics...

Same type of ghost moved into our house about the same time I turned 50- but ours walks away with everything- keys, gloves, spurs, coffecups, reading glasses- leaves them in the darndest places... :lol:

Hope you guys survive the monsoons- I heard that part of the Missouri breaks on the south side of the river are now floating down the river--those Winnett- Jordan- Circle folks have really been getting dumped on- lot of areas got hail again last night- south of the river and up on the Canadian border.... Hopefully it will let up for a while so we can get some haying done.. sorry to hear Real Jake didn't get all this--looking at the lake in my yard I could have gladly shared.....Jake- there should be lots of hay in this country this year if its short down there.....
I know the problem, after a couple of dry years , you guys out west have too many people praying!

When people pray for rain, they don't specify how much rain they need!

Maybe us farmers/ranchers should have some sort of rotational praying or something!
I am glad to hear you haven't floated away faster horses. That must be something to see up your way. We have had a couple of good floods around here too, but no huge harm is usually done. Other than a lot of fence fixing of course. We have around ten river crossings that can go out.

Oldtimer, I am glad to hear you are going to have a good hay crop up your way. We might get a bale to the acre, which is more than I thought a few weeks ago. That is 1300# or so. These late showers we have been getting must have kept things growing. Nothing big, but just a shot of rain here or there. I am not a big complainer, other than as a source of conversation. :) Things will be better again someday. The grass we have is the important thing. If we have a decent winter, we should be ok. There is a lot of hay east of us I have heard.

I would like to see your pics. of the flooding Faster Horses, if you get to it.
I hope to get those photos on here, it is just that it will take a bit of a process.

Some guys from close to us sold all their cows and are planning to sell some hay this year.

Over by Plevna the hay that has been swathed is laying under water. Bet that hasn't happened many times in this country!

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