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More Fairy Tales

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Feb 14, 2005
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Calgary Alberta
Randy Kaiser: "Are you sure that was the horse's mouth and not the horse's arse you called at Tyson."

Is that original?
Randy the packer blamer. Is that original?

Yip, the poll is moving along. SH must have voted for himself 3 times and MRJ and Tam have helped him out.

Had a dream about Snoopy last night. You know, the dog from Charlie Brown with the "Red Baron" alter ego.

Snoopy, the Red Baron, was actually SH. He was flying along in his Tyson/Cargill financed biplane with machine guns installed on the wings. His red cape ----. Hold on a minute. RED cape. Yah that makes sense. SH is actually a closet Liberal supporting power in the hands of few Mutinational companies in bed with the government.

Anyhoo, his red cape flying in the wind. The big SH (Super Hero) logo stamped on his plane, his cape, and his chest were also all paid for by Tyson/Cargil. Kinda like hiring a cheap lawyer to file an Amicus brief. Public perception is everything you know, and when you have a lap dog like SH, you want to hold on to him.

Did I mention that this little puppy has a healthy, wet, BROWN nose.

In the next frame, SH swoops down on a group of protectionist Rcalf supporters with big LLLLL's stamped on their foreheads by the Ninth District court. Some of the cagier Rcalf boys have already made a run for it and started scubbing off the LLLLL's. They have fled to the country side to hide out in guerilla style making it hard for SH to to track them down.

SH has tried a number of times to cross the border into Canada to blast the vocal, but factually devoid "Randy the Packer Blamer Kaiser", but has been turned back by Canada's lone Military Helicopter cause Randy the Packer Blamer Kaiser still contributes to the Canadian economy and pays a fair bit of tax.

Stay tuned, as SH says, you never know when more useless dribble will come from SH's continued quest to "Defend the Packers".

Is that original?

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