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Most Requested Joke - from years gone by

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May 24, 2005
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The Dam End of Silicon Valley
My most requested Joke to tell.

I had to “Be or Act Drunk” to tell this Joke. It was requester when there was at least one new girl in the crowd.

This Drunk (me) would talk about his friend “Stan” who was a Well Built Bull Dogger/World Champion TV Tag Team Wrestler.
[It was known Ol’ Stan could act the ass at times. (On TV)]

The Joke:
My friend Stan was walking down the street in Oakland. When those little Jewish Tailors, the ones at were always standing in front of their store drumming up business, got in his way – As He walk by he’d just shove them out of his way.

One Tailor said “Hey Cowboy – you haven’t got any right to just shove-us out of your way like that.”

“I’m a big man – a Bull Dogger – look at the size of my big arms – Look at my neck – look at my legs – when you little Pencil Necks see me coming you need to get the *&%# out of my way.”

“Wait a minute – Wait aaa minute – God gives everyone something that makes them special - Now look at my arms - Look at my neck – Look at my legs – they might be small but GOD give everyone something that makes them Equal.”
- He says as I unzips his/my pants – I’d reaches in and pull out his/my shirt tail.
- “Where else can you get a shirt with quality like this for $5.95”

People who know love to watch the New Bee’s (girls)
Some girls look away but most would look - their eyes just bug out and mouths open.

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