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Mother Natures Furry...

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Aug 23, 2006
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S. of Valentine, NE
Soapweed posted some great pictures of clouds on August 7th, well east of him, there was a tornado reported and straight winds that did alot of damage. Powerlines down for miles, barns and buildings damaged..We also had a couple of things damaged..but the neighbors got hit the worst.


Our pivot..This is the second time this same pivot section has been hit.


One of our windmills fell down on the pumpjack...


Hubby starting to untangle the mess to get the pumpjack out.


Neighbors Pivot


Neighbors new bins destroyed..


Another view..these are on German Settlement Road..


My Temporary Fix..yes I did..duct tape and barbwire..lol


The things my hubby does for a photo..haha..actually trying to hurry and avoid lightening and the tornado warnings tonite! 8-11-11
That looks terrible, Jassy. Sorry about the devastation that goes with getting a rain. We had a wild storm go through late this afternoon and got 7/10 of an inch. Fortunately no hail, but I think northeast of here had some bad hail. There has surely been a lot of severe weather this summer; hopefully the winter won't give us the equivalent in snowy blizzards. :?
Tough go Jassy. It is funny how it can damage some things and skip over others.
When I read the title I thought I was going to see some furry critters but instead I saw the Fury of Ma Nature. :p

Those bins look like a giant stepped on them. That was an ugly storm.
Wow, that's a lot of destruction. I feel for you and all those that need to deal with that damage. Good luck going forward.

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