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Mud n Rain

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Feb 16, 2005
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South East Texas
Well we did git sunshine the last couple days but the mud and water is still standin in the pasture. I just came in from goin out to check calves, tagged bout 25 new babies last monday and need to git em paired up with mama's. But can't git across the creek to git to 'em. So..me n the dog rode around takin pics. Which brings up another subject...friend of mine sent me a dvd/cd disk a month or so ago..she takes her camera with her when she goes out to check windmills. Neatest thang...years worth of daily ranch life on one disk. So I decided to do one in return. I gathered pics from last year and put em together on a disk as well...kinda neat comparin ranch life in Texas where I am and nebraska where she is. Anyway was just curious if anyone else out there is a shutter bug as well.
I carry at least one camera with me where ever I go. Have done this for about the last eight years. At Christmas, I take all of the pictures that are worth it and put them to music, everyone that we neighbor with and a few others then get a copy of the video in a basket with homemade candies from the wifey. Used to get hell for showing up at a branding with my "purse", now it is, "arent you taking any pictures today?, do you have the video done yet?". The best part of the whole thing, the blackmail that can be had after a branding party or some kids wedding!!!!! Then it shows up at Christmas and they are reminded of what they were doing. Also, I have pictures of people that have passed on, little kids that are not little anymore, neighbors that have moved on, memories that cannot be replaced. I akways try to fit the pictures to certain songs and make it very entertaining. Wifey even let me get an upgrade digital camera for my last birthday present, so now I am ready for anything. Last night I tried to put the poem that I wrote and posted on here awhile back to pictures so that I could send it email. Did not have the right mike to hook into the computer, next time I'm in town.
sw, that sounds totally awesome.

Heck, if ranching turns sour or droughty, you've probably got a second income right there!! Those are things people die for...well, maybe 'live for'
is a better way of putting it. Wish I had a neighbor that did that for us!!

I always took a lot of pictures and now I have a digital camera, but it just isn't the same. I have a hard time using it because I know I can't take the film in to be developed and I don't think I have time to learn how to do with it what you are supposed to.

Do you think it could be my age?
digital has really changed me. I found that I was spending more money on film and developing film that a good digital was worth, and if the picture is a dud you zap it. You can master any of the programs for the cameras, downloading, etc, it is not that hard, just takes some time the first couple of tries. I will try to figure out how to put pictures on here if I have the time. Sent ranchwife a sunrise awhile back when she was having stress.
Like you sw I never leave home without my camera. Daughter is doing photography project for 4H as well...she's come to appreciate the "everyday" pictures that I take. Even tho it's not somethin you would want to print and hang on a wall in a frame...when put to disk with music it turns out so neat. This first disk I made I done with Windows movie maker. But it only allows the disk to be played on computer. Yeap...went to town...bought a program that I can make a regular cd play in dvd player. I haven't sat down with it yet to figger it all out...but once ya do it a couple times ya git it down..the digital is the way of the future. I'll admit sometimes I do miss the package of pics from walmart that ya git developed. But they are now getting it where you can take your disk in and have pictures printed from them..like you would film. Not the cheapy lil machine that ya print em from yourself. My year long project is gonna be to send a cd to family and friends instead of a christmas card. Plus give one to all that come and help with branding...taggin...etc. So glad that this is somethin I"m not doin alone....it's too neat not to share.
JB, I actually saw clouds that were kinda black, headed your way, think I'll get ready for a flood, of dust, Jersey Lilley, you need to know that we have a Jersey Lilley about 50 miles from here, may not be quite the same, but IT IS WESTERN. Send me a PM with an address and I will send you a copy of what we make, sure aint professional, but it ain't bad for a couple of hicks. Daughter says I need to copyright because someday she will turn on RFD TV and watch my video or someone recite one of my poems, same goes for you JB. Just hate to ask my 12 year old for advise!!! Swallow with a little bit of whiskey
sw, had a friend who had a song stolen from him once. Luckily, he had made a tape of it and written down the words, put 'em in an envelope and mailed 'em to himself. When it came to court time they brought out that envelope, let the judge open it with the mailing date stamped on it. He won. Called a "poor man's copyright".
sw....my mother wrote some beautiful poetry when she was a teenager..poems about loss, love, life and death (she lost a baby when she was 17 and the baby was only5 months)...she kept them handwritten in a binder....as fate would have it, the binder came up "missing" in one of our many moves during my childhood!!! she was so damned talented and her poems would have brought a tear to your eye...fortunately, my grandmother had kept several copies of her poems and had them read at my mother's funeral 6 years ago...lord only knows where the originals are and there was no trademark or copyright on any of them!!! you have alot of talent, sw, and i do not want to see that exploited....protect yourself and your work!!!
Thanks sw for the video....neat neat neat.....mines in the mail to you as we speak....hope you enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed yours. (sent ya a private message but thought ya might be more likely to see this first)
We got our first digital camera last year which also takes videos. Really fun getting the kids and grandkids on tape except they can't understand why they can't come around behind the camera with me and see themselves!
Now I have to figure out how to do what sw did, edit the videos and add music... thanks for the prodding sw.
when we first started, I bought a simple little machine that held the printed picture in place while you fimed with your camcorder. Now I am using Windows Movie Maker. So much easier and easier to edit and add music but, I cannot make a dvd that will play on the dvd player, only the computer. What I ended up doing was making the movie on the computer, putting the old VCR on a tripod next to the screen and taping it off of the screen. Worked, resolution is not quite as good but not as bad as some of the prints. Have a program for making dvds and it says it is doing what I want done but when you put it in the dvd player, it is blank. Spent about 3 hours last night trying to put me reciting poetry that I posted on here to pictures I have taken. Frustrating to say the least, but I think I have it figured out on Power Point, but that will not play on anything but Power Point and not everybody has power point. It is time well spent, as I have a "living history" of the goings on in these hills
sw...just from what I've understood...windows movie maker won't do the dvd's..that's why I went n spent nearly 100.00 for program to do it. So I guess the way I understand it..you have to use the program to put the pictures together...then burn..can't be done from windows movie maker to your program I dont think.....but I'm no puter geek I could be wrong. I'mma haffa kickstart myself and make me git in there and put it together n burn one to see if it actually works with the new program....also..for some of you that may have a newer dell....there's a program on it..can't think of what it is at the moment..friend of mine has it....it will make cd/dvd out of regular R-cd and RW cd's.....it comes on a dell....but after the trial you have to pay for it. It takes time to put it all together..but very much well worth it when you get the finished product..even with windows movie maker.

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