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Murgen's travel pics and thanks

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Feb 12, 2005
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Well, I've finally got some time to get some pics up of my trip, for those who are interested. The trip started out with me pulling a Uhaul trailer for my brother up to Dryden and ending with a trip across to Calgary to surprise my mother for Mother's day. Decided to stop on the way back and meet some online friends to meet them in person. I had a great 10 days and travelled lots (7500km) so here's the story.

Niki was anxious to go and didn't cause to many problems except for the day she got into the salted treats and dehydrated herself, wanted to pee, but couldn't. Made for lots of stops! and whining.


Then it was the long drive through Northern Ontario, trees and rock, water and more trees and rock and water.


Finally got the move done in Dryden and then it was off to the prairies!



My first visit after my mother's in Calgary was at SSAP. Arrived at a neighbors branding and some of the people there had a real knack for "oyster shucking"


Had some late night beers and did a little AI for the hosts (hope they catch) and then it was time to try playing the dijirado, or what ever you call it, I couldn't play it anyways.


The next morning after sleeping in a bit, (36 hours of driving will do that to you) it was time to tour the SSAP cattle and horses. Beautiful ranch and scenery. Quality throughout.




After getting a full belly, it was time to travel on to BMR's place. Toured the ranch and got fed great too. Probably some of the most scenic land in the country!



After that it was off to Tam's for a tour of her horses and cowboy art. The dog didn't like the horses much though, and was chased to the house!



Then came the drive to Manitoba Rancher's, had dinner in town and then went to the farm to see the fire devastation. But the fire isn't all that MR's been dealing with. There's been quite a bit of water flowing and is extremely wet aroung the yards.


After MR's, I had a short visit with SASH and continued on to Winnipeg.

Then it was again through the "pass' of Northern Ontario. Stopping on the way to lend a hand to a "rock band" who were stuck. Don't try this at home kids, if you don't have a tow strap or chains, your air bag might go off, fortunately mine didn't.


Anyway, I had a great trip and was glad to meet some Ranchers members and hope to visit them again soon and maybe meet more members. Maybe next summer when this whole BSE thing has blown over, we can plan a cross border BBQ. Thanks again to:

BMR's ranch and Family
SSAP ranch and family
Tam's ranch and Family
Manitoba Rancher and US Gal

:D :D :D :D

I have been able to open all the photobuckets on here, until now. Murgen, I can't get into yours. My cursor arrow disappears when I put it on the line. What am I doing wrong, or is anyone else having this problem?

I really want to see your photos.
Try it now Faster Horses, it might have been my highlighting of the links that messed you up!
Great pictures! Sure is interesting to see what it looks like where others live. The one picture of a cow, man , now thats a cow! Deep and maternal. BMR's country looks like our breaks and badlands country in South and North Dakota. Thanks for taking us all along. Sure enjoyed it.
Got it opened this time! Thanks!

I agree with Jinglebob, "What a cow!" And in super good shape, and so was the mare!

That was great, Murgen. I have never been to Canada. Thanks for the tour!! And your dog, no one could ever steal her, with those 'trademark eyes.'
Don't be so nice folks, both the cow and the mare are bl**dy fat. Both have always been easy keepers (my nickname for the cow IS kleenex box). I don't winter so bad myself :oops:

Murgen, I envy your trip - now that is what I call a holiday. No hustle and bustle of "tourist spots" and good ol'fashioned visiting. Thanks for including us - we'll see ya again some day.
Was nice to meet you Murgen!! Thank you for visiting us and we look forward to seeing you again. Sure wish you would have stayed around and helped us clean up :eek: . Sorry for having you sleep on the couch! :(

Have you still got that good manitoba dirt on your truck?
I'd better get in here to. Sure enjoyed your visit and now I want to visit some places to. We got a half in of rain last night so hope things green up a bit more. Maybe we will be seeing more of our "Rancher" friends this summer.
Beautiful pictures & country,thanks MURGEN I was gonna try to make it to Canada this summer but I guess not, to much to do.Probably a good thing Miss Tam catch me up there no telling what she would do to me...........good luck
Great post. I feel like I made the trip with you.
Next time you get down this way give me a shout.
I have never seen land like BMR's place. What is he raising? that country looks like it is only fit for goats.
Well, Alabama, you must have never been west of the Missouri river. There's quite a bit of country like that ranchers run cows on. That's what we can't get those %#@@*** in Washington to understand: there is a lot of this country that couldn't be used for anything else. Cows (boy, they hate 'em in Washington DC) and sheep turn that basically worthless ground into protein to feed the world.

It's a big world out there in more ways than one!
FH I hope y'all got rain. I noticed the radar showed rain in your neck of the woods yesterday. If the rain will hold off around here till tonight and my equipment don't break down I will have a field of hay rolled by dark. I think I have it sold already too.
I know it was a short visit but after all you wasted all your time visiting the Badlands of Sask with BMR it didn't leave much time for a visit in the most beautiful part of Sask and that is where I live hands down maybe the next time. Come back when you have enough time to go to Texas and S.S.A.P. and I will go with you and we'll find Haymaker and teach him how to say Canadians right. :wink:
I couldn't open all the pictures, but what I saw was really neat. I'm like Sandhusker that is a bong. :wink: That is reallly, really neat.....
I've been tosssing around an idea, I don't know about you guys, but when we leave for a few days, we always worry about the place and cattle. Wouldn't it be neat to have a ranchers net rancher watch your place while you were gone???? Just a thought......
Those were interesting and beautiful pictures. Beginning with that striking dog of yours. What breed is she?
Thank you for sharing the trip with us. Wish you'd put a picture of Tam and the other ranchers up, too!

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