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My Bibs

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May 29, 2005
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My sister finally got here for Thanksgiving and brought the bibs I ordered.

I first ask for one that says "When I get teeth feed me beef"


Then he got his teeth so I ordered another one "I have teeth soooo feed me beef"


He will be 10 months on Saturday and has 8 teeth already!

A friend of my son has a 5 month son and I gave the first one to him. He liked it so much he is having my sister make a bigger one for Grandpa - - - these are three layers thick and she is charging $10.00 for child size and $20.00 for adult sizes - - - Of course the friend wants a Case tractor for his dad ( they have all red tractors and combine!) they feed out about 2,000 fat steers a year and Grandpa refuses to eat any other meat, no fish, no chicken, no pork! We all decided he will look great in matching bibs with his grandson!
My sister is a great seamstress but she just is a city girl and all cows are the same to her - - - - just like she thinks all tractors are green!

With her in the family all the girls, daughters, nieces, friends of family, etc have had "Judi Originals" for prom, weddings, holloween, etc and they are always the nicest!

I already have several people who want bibs. If you have a favorate tractor or cow email (PM ) me with a picture and she will create what you want before thread goes to cloth and you will get a great bib for $10.00 plus shipping ( $20.00 for a large enough for adults ). The back of the bib is a herd of holstiens grazing with a super absorbent layer between. I'm sure she could get another breed or other design for the back.

The man getting the Case tractor with an Angus bull on it is getting several as they are going to a meeting at Red Lobster and he and his family are ordering steak and wearing their own bibs. I'll bet everyone has a great time!
That boy came out hungry and we have never gotten him full - - - he weighed as much at 3 months as his big sister did at 12 months!

The only reason he is not real fat is he goes at a dead run all the time!

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