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My Bill Is Getting Signed Into Law Tomorrow

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Ben H

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Mar 20, 2006
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Gorham, ME
I have been behind the scenes of amending the law in Maine. Currently the law says livestock need access to shelter (man-made or natural) at all times. This obviously makes rotational grazing difficult. I am headed up to the capital tomorrow morning to attend the signing with the governor, the department of Agricuture asked me to attend. This started as a resolution I put forward with Farm Bureau, they got somebody to sponsor the bill and then they, myself and a few others attended the Public Hearing. This is the written testimony I gave the committee. http://sebagolakeranch.angelfire.com/cgi-bin/LD_320.pdf
This is the bill itself:http://www.mainelegislature.org/legis/bills/display_ps.asp?PID=1456&snum=125&paper=&ld=320
Good presentation Ben. "This law could prevent me from doing business in Maine" after a little education was an excellent hook.
Great job Ben getting involved :D ! Instead of waiting for the train to hit you, you were proactive and did something about it. Well done!
This has been a great learning experience on how the system works and how to work with it.
Industry governance and educating legislators are the most difficult and arguably most important parts of of our business. Also the least attended to. Most would rather discuss the merits of hooves over wheels or grass versus grain. Ideology is always trumped by regulation. Regulation follows legislation and is created in the most part by bureaucrats who look though the lens of their own ideology that disseminates from somewhere other than practical reality.

We could use a few more Ben's.
A big part of this is the realization of the Animal Rights movement, it is alive and well here. This is a shot back at them, we can't compromise with those who believe we shouldn't be using animals in the first place.

These public hearings are very important, but usually poorly attended. I spent the day with Farm Bureau's lobbyist (I mean executive secretary) and he introduced me to everyone on the Ag committee throughout the day to give them a little primer on what was behind this bill.

Thanks for the support everyone.
It's a done deal, here is the press release


Great job, Ben! And a blessing to win something that is so simple and straightforward which counters attepmts at excessive micromanaging by bureaucrats of a business with people more capable of managing animals than any government agency can be.

Any farm/food animal producer had better get ahead of the curve in dealing with the anti-food animal actvist groups. NEVER believe they have animal welfare first in their minds. It is ALWAYS making more money for their group by using trumped up pictures of mistreated animals. VERY small percentages of the income goes for animal care. Far more is spent to advertise for donations.

I'm especially glad you had a good and successful experience as a lobyist for the cattle industryin Maine, Ben.

Why is it that so many cattle producers put down organizations for lobbying for cattle producers???? I can't be in the state capitol or W, DC very often, so must rely on the organizations I join for help with that, yet some believe lobbying and supporting ag friendly candidates is just "buying political favors". How foolish of them.



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