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My dog pics

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Apr 9, 2005
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South Central Texas, former South Dakotan
if i do this right hopefully you can see pictures of my dogs. The border collie is Skamp and the Corgi is Concho.

let me know if they show up.






I'll vote with Kato, that Border shapes up awesome. very intelligent set of the ears. "Slim", is a very attractive critter also, and, if short of stature, well if it lives with a Border, it can't not herd.
Beautiful picture, Alabama. Beautiful dogs.

And aside from that, I really liked the contrast of colors in the picture. It is such an interesting and unusual photograph. I like the abstract way the trees look. Nice, very nice. :nod:

The photo almost looks like a watercolor painting, except maybe the dogs are too vivid for a watercolor.

When do you get SNOW in Alabama?
Those are great pictures. Nice to see the border collie. I love them. I've got a mutt that's 1/2 border collie. She's missing the long hair behind her back legs, otherwise, she's your collie.
The snow was several winters ago.But we get snow one and some times two days most winters. Not all winters but most. I think the most I hav had was almost two inches and it lasted till the next day. Almost all snow pictures in my area will have been taken in the morning as it is almost always gone after lunch.
A shot through the gate

Hay trap under some pines while snowing

Rolls in cold storage.
It looks like Scamp is about as ready to go as ever, Tibbs. I'd show my wife these pictures, but I'm afraid that she'd want a Corgi now too. And with three herding dogs already, and nothing to herd, I'm afraid we'd be overrun. Nice Pics! :D
I was looking at horsetrader.com and found some really cute Welsh Corgies on there for sale. You can get the pick of the litter. They are ready to go August !st!!!! If you just want to see the pups, go to briggsranch.com

Dean Briggs made us a bit many years ago and every horse we have likes that bit. I was at a rodeo and saw the bit on his horse and asked him about it. He said he would make us one and he did and we have used it happily for years. Seeing his website made me think about the bit.

Great pictures! I just love the "family" picture of the two dogs-looks like you could put it above the fireplace, and the close up one of Scamp is so perfect--such a border collie look-and the one of little Concho alone made me want another Corgi--the hubby says one is enough!!! Oh but it would be so much fun!!!!!

Alabama--cool pics-unless I missed it were those taken in Alabama? They are almost like a black and white photo with the beautiful red dogs pasted on top.

I will try and post some pics in a couple of weeks-maybe of our cattle, horses, etc.

I'm headed to Minot to the state fair and will be there all week-so will try and get some pics after that!

Great job 'Tibbs and 'Bama!


TTB :lol:
Kato nailed it- Scamp looks wickedly smart. He has a real challenge in his eyes!

Alabama, you've got two beauties and like their names.
Big Muddy rancher said:
I made a BIG MISTAKE. I showed the picture of Concho to my daughter.

:lol: :lol:

Concho is a cute little thing...she is quite a bit bigger now. HAHA....well....bigger than in that picture. She still has about 4 inch legs. She is just starting to fill out and get huskier.

Skamp is a female, and currently is crippled up from playing fetch with a friend on pavement!!! She wore the hide off her pads of one foot. She would go and go until she just dropped over or her legs fell off. I wasn't there or I'd of put a stop to it. They don't realize that she will continue doing it even if it is hurting her. She is so spoiled tho....i let her out in the yard and she limps slowly looking back at me and of course after she does her business i'll go get her and pack her back in the house. She knows that she is spoiled rotten. :wink: :wink:
Well since this seems to be the place to post yer puppy dog pics figgered I might as well add mine to the lot.

Cowboy when he was a younger youngster

Sophie (black border collie) Rusti (red border collie) Cowboy (seven month old heeler "The Meet n Greeters"

Wrangler, my bestest bud
Cowboy when he was a younger youngster

We have something in common. Cute blue heelers named Cowboy. I'll try to get a pic tonight of mine. He's much older, a little over 9 years. But still holds my heart in the palm of his paws.
I must say that to me, there just isn't any pup cuter than a Blue Heeler!!

TX Tibbs, we had a Border Collie/McNab cross we called Scamp, that loved them sticks too! My brother-in-law was here and he played 'sticks' with her. He came to the house finally and said, "I threw ten miles of sticks for that dog and she never did quit." :p

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