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My hat's off to you Montanans

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Feb 13, 2005
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Cattle branding used to support 4-H

By MSU News Service
BOZEMAN -- When branding time comes, cattle producers across the state can support kids by branding an animal for Montana 4-H.

The "4-H" brand was formerly registered to Wayne Gibson, who decided to transfer ownership to Montana 4-H with the hope that it could be used to raise funds. Gibson, a former board member of the Montana 4-H Foundation, recalled that when he was a 4-H member, his family used the brand to mark its 4-H animals.

The brand is applied to the left rib on cattle, either by using a bar-iron in multiple steps, or a one-piece branding iron that can be obtained from County and Reservation MSU Extension agents. When the animal is branded, the top of the 4 is closed, and the bottom bar of the 4 becomes the dash and the center line of the "H."

Once branded, the animal becomes the property of Montana 4-H. When the animal is sold, the state brand inspector overseeing the sale will see that proceeds are sent to the Montana 4-H Foundation as the owner. Funds will be split with the specific county 4-H program to support local programs.

Donors who complete the enrollment form will receive a decorative plaque and will be listed in various publications and recognized at 4-H events.

Pat Goggins, owner of Vermilion Ranch, Billings Livestock Commission and the Public Auction Yard Sales (PAYS) stepped forward as the first rancher to contribute through this new program. He signed up to give an Angus steer the 4-H brand. A leader in the cattle industry, Goggins is a staunch supporter and spokesman for 4-H and served on the Montana 4-H Foundation Board.

"This is a great way for people to support 4-H, both the state and local program. Branding season is coming up fast, so we have to get the word out so that ranchers across the state get involved," Goggins said.

Montana 4-H, the youth development program of MSU Extension, reaches 25,000 kids with hands-on projects, after-school programs, camps, community service and other guided activities.

To receive an enrollment form to contribute through the 4-H brand program, call the Montana 4-H Foundation at (406) 994-6816

Hanta Yo

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Feb 11, 2005
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South Central Montana
Thanks, HAYMAKER. I thought it was a wonderful thing, too. Pat Goggins was the first person to brand a calf with that brand. Politics aside, 4-H is for the KIDS and is a program near and dear to our hearts and anyone who supports it is A-OK in that department. :D

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