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my new bull

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Feb 23, 2010
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HA... :D I can't afford to get a new real one... :D I came across this picture today....lol. I used a horse as a pencil. It was a
good reining exercise! I don't know if the picture shows it well, but it was huge! It's not exactly how I wanted it. I couldn't
exactly tell what it was going to look like while doing it and was surprised it looked anything like a bull....lol. The hardest
part was trying to get high enough to get a picture of it! I climbed to the top of a big grain bin, which is gone now, but got
all the way up there and realized I forgot the darn tail....lol. I wish I could of got better pictures of it....the picture is big on
here to make it easier to see.

PLEASE KNOW....I'm not making fun of those that post "real" new bulls!!!! Sorry to waste everyone's time :oops: :oops: :oops:
That is very cute! and you should know by now that you never have to apologize for wasting our time!! :)
Very good, R A. That took a lot of talent, rather like trying to draw with an Etch-A-Sketch.

About forty years ago, one of our neighbors picked out a couple smooth sidehills, and then used a tractor with a single bar mower to decorate. On one hillside
he mowed his brand, and on the other hillside he inscribed his last name. The whole project was quite artistic, and was readable until the grass grew again
the following summer. The pasture picture artwork really showed up well with a light covering of snow.
Nice looking bull. Bet he doesn't breed as I think he has frostbite on his production unit. :lol:
He looks pretty snorty to me! :shock: What was his docility epd? :wink: :D This goes up there with fainting goats as entertainment value. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Thanks everyone!!! :D I really enjoyed everyone's comments!!! :D

I'm getting even more immature everyday that goes by :D

I'm waiting for the first good snow to do a evergreen tree and cabin picture with a horse. :D Can't wait. Gotta have perfect everything or it doesn't work...you can't see it.

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