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My smile for the day

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May 29, 2005
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Let me go back a day, yesturday morning the hiefer I was waiting on to calve had the largest udder of any cow I have ( took about 24 hours to go from barly noticible to the size of a 5 gal bucket ) but was not in labor and was acting normal. She finally calved about noon but her teats were much too large to suckle. I put her in the chute and dropped the bottom panels and milked about 1/2 gal into a bottle and started the calf on that but he then was able to suck on his own so I turned them out with the old cow and her calf.

While I was on the computer this morning the hiefer ( was K 017 now gave her the number K 06 ) that had her first calf yesturday came up as close to the house as she could and was throwing a fit.

I went outside and I have a female German Shepherd (Sadie ) that pupped yesturday as well and another due July 10th

The female due July 10th ( Bella ) and the new calf were both in the large dog house and two other German Shepherds ( Jack and Heinze ) were laying right outside. I went to turn the electric fence off and get a camera and when I came back the calf was laying against the garage door with 3 German Shepherds laying right around him. I guess he must have come thru the hot wire and was afraid to go back so he went in with the dogs for companionship!

I got him up and back with mom - - - the dogs just came with us but momma hiefer did not take kindly to that so she took the little guy back into the woods.


Just chillin - - - warm sun against a south faceing door!


Back with Momma - - - lets go to the woods!
Silly calf got back in the yard again this afternoon and went and laid with the dogs against the garage door.

It was just born at noon yesturday - - - I hope it starts fearing the dogs as we have coyotes around and I'm sure they would love for him to come to them.

Momma was pacing the fence and I put him back - - - he started nursing right away - - - tomorrow I will turn them in with the herd away from the house and he should get his head right.

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