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My thoughts

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Ya I did. How is the weather? The weather nuts said I would get snow on Sunday, now they same a small chance of Saturday. I am starting to get nervous, terrible feeding cows in a dust storm.
The one snow that we did get a few weeks ago is pretty well shot. Ran into the creek and froze. I wonder if this will be the third year in a row that spring comes and the creek is just some ice between the banks and hardly any water flowing. Been here almost 40 years and the last two are the only ones that I've ever seen this happen. Sure is different. Any amount of snow on the Bighorns this winter?
rancher, I'm having a blonde moment. Please explain what you meant by your comment. Just curious.
That is ok Shelly we all have blonde moments every now and then. :shock:
Rancher, they've got Oldtimer in a corner over at Agriville. I think he'll be OK though, he's still up and swinging! LOL
yeah, but OT does the same as he does here on Ranchers, just teases, never has an answer, just quotes and sometimes those quotes aren't even recent, I think he's stuck in the past. Having a hard time with change, don't worry OT, change will hit us all. We all have our "goodtimes"
rancher why don't you just get over it. the format has changed and it isn't to bad. i think it works faster on dial up and is fairly quick to check on what's happening. Even the "OLD BOSS" is hangin' around some. and besides we have "EMOTICONS" :roll: :cboy: :cowboy: :lol2: :help: :roll: :lol: Isn't this GREAT Have you ever bought a different tractor or truck and had to get used to it but in a week thought it was OK.
I don't care for the format, but was commenting on being invaded by you guys. I don't see much of the old ones on her much. Seems like the same ones on here are on Agri-ville.
Got a new wife a few years ago and ain't got used to her yet. Don't want the old one back either though.
rancher, now how can you say that? Almost all the people who post on here are from the old ranchers! It's starting to feel like home again! I admit, it was hard to get used to, but I find myself on here more and more all the time, like alot of the rest of the gang.

Some of us have never graced Agri-ville or the other site you guys mention. Between this and TFC, wouldn't be able to get much done if I tried another forum. Like most of the flks here even if I don't always agree with them. Get 5 cattlemen together and you'll get 6 opinions as one will change his mind, especially if a wife shows up, lol

Shelly, every since you said that about the blonde moment, just wondering if your sisters are blonde too?????, LOL
One is, the other three are brunettes. The blonde one really is your typical dumb blonde! Me, I'm not really blonde, just slow on the uptake some days!
Posted this on another thread, but it works here too.

Would that be environmental or Genetic?
Well, that will give Alabama something to think abot, choice of colors, LOL.

Been cold and dry here in the Northwest, how's calving coming along?
Just about done, no major disasters. Be nice to get a few more bull calves, though. Only have 10 so far out of all the cows we do have calved, only 14 more chances left! Weather's just about right, around -20C at night and -10C in the day. Colder weather keeps the scour bugs in check, or so I think.
We have 5 that will calve in late March or April. Decided several years ago to move up to October and maybe September from the Jan/Feb. calving. One reason was to calve on grass. We are mild enough to carry fall calvers.

I remember you saying you were similar to my wife in that she hadn't grown up around this either. I can say she has a very keen and innate sense of when something isn't right. She also has an incredible empathy for what an animal is going thru. Has made her a great asset. That is just icing as she is my best freind and the jewel in my life.

Had to laugh though the day when I told her she was becoming a hand. She looked at me and said, "I never wanted to be a hand." I was in trouble, but try to sell one of our good cows or horses and it's almost fisticuffs.

Enough rambling, just enjoy visiting with the genuine folks on this forum,
PPRM-I think we're all genuine on here, but we're human also and let politics get in the way of everything else.

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