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Natural Beef Protocal in the USA

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Natural or organic?

USDA is the regulator of organic standards and organizations like OMRI approve individual products or producers.

I have the protocol for being certified, it is about 3 inches thick. When you have all banned substances off your farm, it takes 3 years to get certification.

From what I can glean, natural is not regulated and many wanting to capture the "organic" premium use the "natural" term.
I know Canada has no regs for Natural. Heard that the USA does. Looking at the possibility of setting something up here in Canada. EU certification has standards fo hormone free status, but maybe a few should be set to include EU as well as Canadian Natural.
Unless your standards are recognized by a major testing/standards organization they are meaningless for export potential.

From what I have heard there is an international meeting this fall, November I believe for groups to be recognized. However they are not very open to small independant groups.

I have been told the surest way to be accepted is to be OMRI approved.

As for a natural label, there is no organization setting standards. Isn't all beef natural? The EU has allowed some non-implanted cattle/beef in if they individually accept the screening proceedure to assure no mix-ups and no cheating. However protectionism at it's finest will use any reason not to allow beef in.
Here is a link that should get you started...


Jason is right, organic standards are extensive, intrusive, and full of loop holes to make it easy for corporations to use the organic label. FSIS views all beef as natural unless it is synthetically grown. There is no such thing as 'hormone free beef'...all beef has natural hormones.
Has anyone ever seen meat labelled as having no "No Implants" (excluding those organically certified, that is).

When milk producers attempted to label their product as being free of the dairy hormone (sorry I can't think of its name right now), many were threatened by Monsanto and this labelling/marketing was stopped. Monsanto said it implied that milk from dairies that used their hormone was unsafe.

I have heard approximately 5-10% of the milk in the USA is labelled free of this hormone. What have you observed?
FSIS recognizes "raised without added hormones" .
Here's another link...

That's the problem, I don't know any more!

I only know, they own the majority of shares in the Calgary-based corporation "Vacci-test" which is trying to come on stream with a BSE blood test that identifies the 14-3-3 protein (as R2 also stated, is a biomarker of brain cell damage associated with all kinds of brain injury).

A friend from Lucerne Switzerland, (this is where Habema is listed as having their head office), said this company received preferential treatment when having some land rezoned in the Lucerne area. He believed the company was American based, with multinational offices. I have only tiny hints that they are involved in the agricultural feed business.

My hunt is ongoing, any help would be appreciated.

Did you hear about Monsanto attempting to patent GE pigs? They are not necessarily unique pigs, but they are attempting to patent specific genetics.
Randy......not a big deal...........here is what the "other" natural companies are using.....

"minimally processed with no artificial ingredients".......big deal!!

Not much of a marketing advantage is it???......but who the hell wants to use USDA as their "point of difference"????
graybull said:
Randy......not a big deal...........here is what the "other" natural companies are using.....

"minimally processed with no artificial ingredients".......big deal!!

Not much of a marketing advantage is it???......but who the hell wants to use USDA as their "point of difference"????

Graybull, excellent points, but unfortunately USDA and FSIS are integrally entwined in the ability to sell food, particularly meat, to the public. I jumped through FSIS's hoops to get "Grassfed" back on my label...but what does that really mean when the standards haven't been established? I polled my customers to see how important it was to them after I explained the situation to them...none cared, they trusted me to produce the type of product they wanted. Consumer trust is what creates demand and corporate packers will never attain that...and that's our crack! :D
Activity Records For Certifying Companies and producers ,manufacturing.

Additive-Free Food - Kosher Approved
Animal By-Product Free - Low Input
Animal Housing - Natural
Animal Transport Welfare - Naturally Grown
Animal Welfare - No-Till Production
Antibiotic-free - Nutrient Managed
Chemical-Free Products - Organic
Controlled Composting - Other
Ecologically Balanced - Pasture-fed
Free-range - Pasture-Raised Poultry
Genetically-modified -Pesticide-free
Grain-fed - Product Analysis
Grass-Fed - Product Environment
HACCP - Product Quality
Halal Approved - Product Weight
Hand-Cultivated - Quality Control
Herbicide-Free - Rotational Grazing
Homeopathic Veterinary - Soil/Water Habitat Conservation
Hormone-free -SRM-Free
Humane Harvesting -Sustainable Farming
Hygiene Approved - Transport Welfare
ISO Certified - Value-Added
Wild Harvested

If you need a certifying activity that you do not see on this list, please contact us.www.scoringag.com

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