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NCBA, For the producers or themselves

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Jul 20, 2005
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This is a response to many of the topics concerning the NCBA, their supplying ID tags, and a record system.

First, I think NCBA has had it's nose stuck up the government's butt so long that that is all it can smell. NCBA thinks more of themselves than of the producers they are suppose to represent.

Remember, NCBA is using your dues money to talk allflex into putting the beef logo on their tags. Your dues are going to talk BearingPoint, Inc. into developing the NAIS program for you to use. Then, in turn Allflex charges you for the special tags and BearingPoint will charge you for using their services. This is only an example of how NCBA sticks its nose where it doesn't belong. Remember the government's dairy buy out program? NCBA was against it. They went as far as making slurring remarks about dairy farmers. NCBA forgot about all dairy bull calves compete on the market with beef calves, and eventually every cull milk cow went to the same packing plant as cull beef cows. By flooding the market one time resulted in higher cattle prices for the past several years. So in reality, NCBA is actually costing you money instead of making you money.

If I where eMerge, I would stop advertising and sponsoring NCBA. Why did NCBA not tell producers to use Cattlelog and ask eMerge to change it, if it needed any, to please NCBA.

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