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NCBA National Convention

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Mar 10, 2011
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West Virginia
Anybody planning on attending next week? It's in Nashville this year so it might get some of you all from the Great White North out here in the balmy southeast...that is if you all don't drown in all the rain and mud we have.

If anybody on here is attending, make sure to stop by the GrowSafe Systems/WVCA booth in the tradeshow if you have time. We (WVU) will have a couple bulls on display and you will be able to learn about our state sponsored bull development program and sale. I would be really interested to hear any comments you all might have about the cattle and our program. You'll have to post them on here since I won't be going myself but we will have several people there. I did brand the bulls so you can tell me how those turned out.

There will also be a contest to see who can guess which bull of the two bulls on display is more efficient. They both went through the program last year (Their present condition does not reflect how the bulls are developed). Those who get it right will be entered into a drawing with the chance to win a $1,000, $750, or $500 credit on a bull at our upcoming sale in March.

Here is a link to our new website that is still under construction http://bulltest.ext.wvu.edu/ and our old one too http://www.wvbeef.org/wbt/wbt.html

Have a good Monday!


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