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Nebraska Unemployment Rates

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Feb 14, 2005
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East north east of Soapweed
This out of the Omaha World Herald. Nebraska 2004-4.4, 2005 4.6.
Some unemployment per county.
Mc Pherson 2.3
Arthur 5.2
Sarpy 3.9
Scottsbluff 5.0
Thurston 9.0
Hooker 7.7
Burt 6.6
Blaine 5.9
Box Butte 5.0
Douglas 5.2
Garfield 5.2
Loup 7.6
Just a few of the counties. I was surprised.....
what is the main occupation in those counties? 7-9% is an awful lot. Could any of this have to do with packing plants shutting down to 1 shift or is it something else?
Arthur county is ranching country. They can bearly keep there high school and wether it is accredited in all subjects is questionable.
Scottsbluff is migrate mexican and packing plant.
Thurston I had to look up on the map. It's south of Sioux City. I'm not firmilar with that country.
Hooker, My brother lives in mullen and runs a welding shop I will ask. It too is ranching country.
Loup, Ranching.....
Blaine, Ranching...
Sarpy is Omaha...

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