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NETexas Marine Vet, Looking to help with the hog problem

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May 2, 2010
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Commerce TX
I'm looking for a place in NE Texas to take out some hogs, or any varmint. I am an 8 year Vet, and will respect your rules and follow them. I also know the difference between a hog and a cow. I would aslo be willing to trade some work for the opportunity. I am a full time student at Texas A&M Commerce and am planing on joining the US Marshal service after college . I have been wanting this for a while now. Please let me know if we can maybe help each other.
Respectfully Submited
There has been a few others post here about hunting hogs. Unless somebody private messages them we don't usually see much response. Maybe not many from that part of Texas post here. I don't know but from the stories we hear about the hogs you would think they would want some help taking them out.

Good luck.

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