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Im sorry really dont mean to be a beach or anything...BUT
come on really all you do is post "come see my blog" Is that not rude in itself?
How about join then get to know the people here and once in a great while or even put on your siggy line a link to your blog.
Have a great day and no I will not be checking your blog ..you have shown me your only out to promote yourself.
Well, Howdy1, I have read quite a few of your posts, since you have been posting here for quite awhile! But it wasn't until you put up the link to the blog that I knew that I knew you and your husband very well!!!! :D I enjoy reading what is going on back home, and I will follow along when time permits. Tell J his old English teacher says "Hi!" Sometimes, people misread others' intent and no disrespect is meant, so please do not take any and keep sharing.

My husband "Howdy1" has been on Ranchers.net for a while. He thought that my blog posts and pictures would be enjoyed by others on Ranchers.net. He does not take the time to post pictures and we thought this would be a good way for him to share pictures.

I did not intend to offend anyone, just share ranch life in western South Dakota through pictures of our livlihood.

I started my blog to help tell the positive story of agriculture. It is a creative way for me to share with others. I DO NOT make any money or do any commercial promotions through my blog!

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