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New bull I picked up

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Apr 3, 2011
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Still a little excitable from the haul and sale.


Looking back at his ladies.
I hope that isn't your house in the first picture. I see it's nice and green there we doh't have any leaves on are trees yet.
A friend of mine owned a 2,000 acre farm at Glasco KY and it had 4 old houses like that on it and he would go down there every weekend and there would be prople living in them.

It got so bad he had me go down there and rent a dozer and backhoe and we dug big holes and pushed the houses into them and burnt them and covered them up.

What made him do that was one of the squaters ( about 26 years old if I remember right ) claimed one of her kids got hurt and tried to sue him even though he had gotten the sheriff to remove them several times.

Then the nice house he lived in on weekends kept getting broken into and lived in. If he did not get there befor dark on Friday night he would find people asleep in his bed. The sheriff thought it was kind of funny.

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