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New Chute

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Angus Breeder

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Aug 16, 2005
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We are thinking about buying a new squeeze chute. Does anybody have any thoughts on hydraulic chutes.. Any advice is appreciated.
I have sold several Silencers for other guys. I get no money for it, but I am confident that the guyis getting top notch.

Is there a better chute, I don't know of one. Are there some other good ones you might like better???? Could be. The Stampede mentioned is a very good one to, I'd say hit some farm shows. Ask Silencer, C & S and Stampede what shows they will be at,

I have built and rebuilt every brand of hydraulic chute there is. In my opinion there is not a better built, better functioning, or longer lasting chute out there than the W-W. They are tougher than anything I've ever seen and they are priced much better than the lighter-built Silencer. If noice is a factor you can move the power unit off of the chute and make it just as quiet.
Looking for a hydraulic chute we have several models and a couple of brands.The Silencer is one we sell alot of and the C&S which is a heavy duty one.The Silencer heavy duty has 1/4 inch floor and the C&S has 1/2 inch floor.We have free freight on the Silencer chute any where in the USA & Canada.Let me know if I can help you.

Thanks Charlie
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We worked calves today in a Prieffert "rancher model" non-hydraulic, with no bells and whistles. It came with a sliding rear end-gate, but we took it off before ever using it for the first time. We have a "plug" made out of fiberglass wellrod inside of a PVC pipe. It is lightweight, strong and a lot less dangerous than a steel pipe. We put it behind each calf when they are in the chute, to use as a back-stop. The whole affair worked as quiet and nice as you could ask for, and we saved oodles of money over buying a hydraulic unit. A hydraulic squeeze chute isn't very high on my wish list, because I don't like either dripping oil or extra noise. :? :) :wink:
We cannot seem to squeeze calves tight enough to brand without the hydraulic chute. They seem to want to lay down and no matter how tight you squeeze them with a manual it is not tight enough. As for the chute in the E.T. barn I prefer to elevate the front of the chute so there is a much better return flow of my holding medium out of the ovaries. A hydro chut allows me this option where a manual chute you have to either leave it elevated 10 inches or rig some kind of a hydro pump to it and that would more than likely make a mess"

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