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New Irish case of BSE in 4 year old Friesian

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Mar 2, 2005
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However, a probe is being conducted by the Department of Agriculture and Food into the Monaghan case.

Experts will try and determine how a cow born four years after enhanced feed controls were introduced in 1996 and 1997 became infected with the disease. **********

My Idea,The transmission is just like deer , Researchers have put clean deer in a pen 1 year after all the previous deer died from TSE 's and then the clean deer got the disease.
Why is when you say "environmental causes" you assume that this means prion contamination of the environment??

These studies on the deer, were incomplete, in that they did not measure the environmental contaminants in the soil, mineral levels, etc.

If an environment is prime for disease, ie: short on copper and high on other minerals such as manganese, barium, molybdenum, strontium, etc., it would only be a matter of time before the animals restocked on that property came down with the disease.

Much of the CWD studies were performed at Fort Collins, on pastures that would have been contaminated with radioactive fallout from the leaks they had there some time ago.

I would like to see the environmental question looked at more seriously and thoroughly, but every time someone blames the environment - it is ASSUMED by many that prions have been shed, (like parasites).

When they document all of the environmental factors relating to these locations where disease has returned in restocked animals, they might have something worth looking at. While they ignore these facets, they are missing out on the bigger picture.
My exact thoughts.One other thing ,why the slowness of linking all that you have spoken of ,unless something or someone takes a big FALL.
Reader, I'd ring you're bell given the chance.

Why don't you stop telling lies about what I have said or believe.

I have never, ever said that Human growth hormone didn't transmit CJD. So why don't you try getting your facts straight.

The pituitary gland concentrates metals, fact.

HGH transmitted CJD to children given HGH shots for growth problems, fact.

Why don't you face another fact, that if human growth hormone spread CJD - it is also possible natural sourced cattle hormones could spread BSE? (iatrogenic transmission). The UK banned growth hormones in 1986, three years in advance of the EU banning them.

Speak for yourself and your own opinions and leave me to explain mine. Apparantly, you can't read very well as I never denied the iatrogenic transmission of CJD via human growth hormones. In fact, I brought it up and transcribed a news article onto ranchers about it.

When you can't argue your case, you always resort to slandering and misquoting. Tsk, Tsk!

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