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New Semen Tank $299

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M Gravlee

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Feb 10, 2005
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Perdido Key, FL USA
CT-3 Liquid Nitrogen Container


The low cost CT-3 tank is small and light in weight. It's great for short term storage of small amounts of product. It's also great for storing small amounts of liquid nitrogen. It's padded insulated cover protects tank and reduces liquid nitrogen loss. Also included are 6 canisters. We're so sure you will like our CT Cryogenic semen tanks we offer an unconditional 7 day guarantee.


Clikc on the link below to see all models:
Sorry Macon I tried--but couldn't convince Grandma that this would be the perfect Christmas gift for her.... :wink: :lol:
I have the CT6 which I like a lot, only fault i have with it is hard to retrieve canisters of canes because of the small neck size and tying them together is a pain. Other than that it is a great small tank to carry around,, I do a lot of 1-10 herds for the small timers and it allows me to have compact light weight tank to carry to the site.

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