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new South Dakota Certified Beef program

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Feb 10, 2005
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NE Oregon
Certified from South Dakota, sure it's great beef, but Japan didn't stop importing because we have sent poor beef. they stopped because we can't say we are BSE free,
South Dakota Certified sounds all well and good, but it must be both fed and killed in South Dakota. My concern is the lack of kill capacity in state, mostly small "mom and pop" type locker plants, no low cost large packers. :???: The plant in Huron won't be up and running until ?. This plan is also lacking some carcass quality guidelines, IMO.
Cal, there will be carcass guidelines for the program. Right now they are looking at haveing 2 products. One will be a select and low choice the other will be mid chioce to prime.

I totally agree with your concerns on SD's slaughter capacity.

Rounds and Gabriel are well aware of the lack of slaughter capacity in South Dakota.

I don't know why the SD certified program used the "born, raised, and processed" designation rather than just "born and raised in SD" and emphasized source verification. Where the cattle are processed has no bearing on the quality of the carcasses.

Will be funny to watch the anti "M"ID folks channel their cattle towards the commodity market. They can continue to fight a mandatory checkoff while we fund our own checkoff that promotes our own source verified branded beef products.

I look foward to watching the chronic checkoff bitchers wither on the vine in the commodity beef industry with their unenforceable "generic" COOL labels.


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