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Jul 16, 2011
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The Dakotas
I have been reading this site for quite awhile and I really enjoy a lot of the posts. Figured I would join. I've put a few pictures of some of my yearling heifers and one of my bulls.

2 Year Old Bull





starvin'dog said:
Nice stock, pretty country.
How is that bull bred?
Welcome rem 234. Starvin', I suspect it would be easier to get those cows bred but I would be interesting in knowing how you would get a bull bred. :lol: :lol: 8) :wink:
Welcome :D . I really like your cattle. I've got calves out of some Mytty sons, and they're pretty nice. Keep posting, especially pics :D .
Nice cattle, rem_243. Thanks for the pictures. Judging by your moniker you might be a shooter. You might enjoy this little story, which was in the last issue (August 2011) of the READER'S DIGEST:

"I am a lousy bowhunter, a fact that was driven home to me by my ten-year-old niece. Handing me an arrow that she found in the woods, Gina explained, 'I figured it was yours. There's no deer on the end of it.'" :)

Mark Ruszala, Buffalo, New York
Thanks for the compliments. We're definitely not dry. Lot of old grass from last year and some of the cool seasons are completing their life cycle. The camera must not show green real well, because it is definitley there. :D
That's how it is in our area: lots of green grass, more or less hidden under the seedheads of tall grasses. Really great green needle grass, from which we wish we could find an effective way to harvest seeds. Also good crops of the more desireable grasses, even with some cheat grass there, too. Both Bluestems are doing great, and can hardly tell we had cattle in the spring pastures. Lots of hay to cut, and plenty of hassles with it not drying out after cutting here in west central SD. Looks like wheat is just about ready. Saw one field that had a 'test' strip cut around part of it last evening. Must not have quite been ready.

The excessive heat and humidity (which is not usual for SD) we probably would think it pretty near Heaven here.


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