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New Western Fire Pit Designs

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Dec 1, 2011
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This is the first production of one of my new fire pit designs in a series of 4 western pits. The others will be posted as the new design is assembled. Right now I am averaging three of these per week to fill orders so it may be a bit before the next pit is made but I can show the design drawings if you are interested. They can be sold with or without the base table, fully adjustable grill, screen cover, dutch oven rack, boot ring and/or personalized with names or branding. This pit is $509 plus shipping and handling. Contact me, Steve at Metal Dimensions Unlimited at 719-499-6689 to order one today. And thak you, to all who placed christmas orders, I hope you enjoy your signs.






Mighta been coincidence but when I opened one of those pictures the sirens started going off on the computer . . . cleaning up malware in the hard drive just cost me $ last week. :evil:
huh, these went from my camera to the computter, to shareapic, unless its something from the shareapic website

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