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No Drought Breaker

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Looks like we have a scant inch of snow out of our "big" storm. It's still trying to flurry a little with strong NE winds here. Yesterday we were under the gun for possibly 10 inches of snow. Someone else got it besides here.

In my next career I think I will go into weather forecasting or maybe politics. They can be wrong time after time and still draw a good paycheck.

I figure whatever is going to happen will happen with the weather, and whatever the forcasters have to say about it ahead of time doesn't make a hill of beans in the first place. I just wish they wouldn't tease us so often. :roll:
Ain't it the truth. I doubt we have an inch of snow. Got thirteen inches of wind though! Tomorrow is Good Friday. I could plant my potatoes - if there was any moisture in the ground to sprout them. It'll be tough, but I think I'll hold off a while.
A good sized chunk. We got an all day snow, probably 4 to 6 inches stuck, depending where you were at . 15 miles west didn't fare nearly as well. Four or five days ago you couldn't see for the dirt blowin'; might have a week or ten days off from that.

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