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Norac mobile scale

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There is one south of Valentine. I loaded calves off of it last spring. As long as you gave it the correct information, it gave you a nice ticket, with average weight of the critters, and after we got everything loaded, it gave you a total weight plus the average break downs. Other then only hold 15 or 20 critters, I was impressed.

PM me if you want more info on who has it.
We have looked at them, but there was a pretty big price difference between the mobile (with wheels) and the portable (move with a loader) scales. We are planning on a portable model as we rebuild our chutes, etc. since we load out of the same place all the time anyway. I would be pretty interested to know how those scales are priced in the US vs. here.
I have the tandem axle mobile model. I just got it late this spring. This fall will be first test and next year as we rotate through paddocks.

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