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North of Lakeside, Nicky?

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I was there in the spring of '86. Very interesting wasn't it? Luey's my wife; who's baling wire?
baling wire: I thought so
Nicky: I worked with a guy from Iowa who was there a year, if you can believe that. He worked with 15 or 16 different people. I followed a nice couple from the Black Hills, and there was just the two of us while I was there. We stayed in the frame house together. Nasty winter and the snow was two foot deep on the flat. Last winter like that this area has had. It had been terribly dry the summer before, but you were there when it was dry also if I remember right. At least we called it dry, that was before '02. I can remember some green most years before that, but not in '02.
I forgot the first question, sorry. 64 days, the longest year of my life, before or since.
I worked with a guy from S.D. that had been there for a few years! I was there 6 months and that was as long as anyone else he had worked with. I was there for two sales and calveing.

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