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Northern Rancher, I have a bone to pick with you!

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Feb 10, 2005
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You just had to bring up last night's topic about bad luck! I should've avoided that topic! We have a 3 yr. old that we bought last year as a heifer, she calved rather late last year but still managed to raise a decent calf, rebred back on her first cycle, and has had her calf now for two weeks. Tonight I go out to do evening chores and find her flat out. Get her up and I could see she was in great distress, kicking at her belly, stomping around, and then laying down just to get back up and do it all over again. Just checked on her now and she's not any better. She doesn't look bloated and I did see her pass manure. She IS one of the better cows in the herd, I'm rather fond of her. Any ideas from you, or anyone else for that matter?
I had a cow do that once, I put her in the chute and discovered she had a twin still inside (turned sideways) and it was starting to rot and she was turning septic. pulled it out chunk by stinking chunk and flushed her out with lots of water and started her on meds.
Hubby looked at her at 12:00, said she was laying down chewing her cud. This morning when I went out, she was still laying down but looked uncomfortable. I'm hoping it's just a bellyache from something she ate yesterday.

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