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Northern Rancher, or anyone else that knows about hockey!

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Angus Cattle Shower

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Feb 25, 2005
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Well once again Hockey season has started and I am pumped as ever!!! :D I am a Goalie for the Humboldt Senior Youth Rec Hockey Team. (If anyone has watched I am the smaller of the two)I enjoy this, and I am pretty great at this position, as others have put it. This is my first year of LEGALLY playing on this team. I started two years ago and that was not easy. I played with the little kids, and the older guys asked me to play for them for a bit. (remember these guys are like 15-18) Well, I played and I played. I have to say, it was much more challenging than having to stop little kids from nocking the net over. This year I was asked to play with the bantam team (yes even w/o any league under my belt!) and my parents said either keep my cattle and get a couple sheep, or play hockey and sell/give away my cattle. I chose to keep mycattle (naturally) Well this is my third year and I have a few questions for the hockey ppl. (parents, fans, players)
Let me say that YES I am allowed to hit them as hard as I want!! :D 8) :twisted:
Question 1. Do you guys think that i made a wrong choice giving up Bantam?
2. Do you have any tips on positioning or anything for me?
3. How can I stop a 250lb skyscraper ? Preferrabley onto his back so I have enough time to run away before he realizes it was me? lol
4.any things i should know about checking?

Thanks in advance and get ready to pahtay!!!
Did you get asked to play for the Center 4 Bantam team lol. If you are any good quit hockey so we have a chance of beating them lol. Personally though I think you should of played-your hockey years go by pretty fast and you'll have memories that will last a lifetime. It really sunk home to me when I was lacing Emily's skates one morning-a guy I'd played with 30 years before comes up to me and says'Remember going to that game in Loon Lake in your Dad's old car' lol. AS far as positioning see if you can get one of the older goalies to work with you-as a coach though if two goalies are equal the job always goes to the guy with the most try. Wish you lived in Meadow Lake we are starved for Bantam age 'tenders right now-it's hard to pull a younger goalie up to play double A pretty hard on them. Hockey starts here on Friday I can't wait.
No, It was the Humboldt team. I have three close friends on that team, so i wouldnt mind... Ya, I know that hockey seasons come and go, and I really would love to play, but we have to keep the farm going. I am really good for my age, and I can whoop any 16 year olds a$$. Yes, I am speaking from experience. Well, The older goalie is our backup, and I start on the senior rec team, so i am still playing. He cant help me, and the coaches cant do much, cause they already taught me as much as they could. lol I guess i should have played, but it would have cut into my hunting season, my 4-H time, and my normal cattle time. Just cant loose those bovines lol. Ya its hard for a kid to be thrown to the big dogs. Beleive me its harder than anything a kid that age has ever done lol. Ya, my league is a rec league, ages 13+up. It is fun. just pay five bucks a game, or 100.00 for the season, and you have yourself some fun! Ya, my hockey starts on the 1st. We had a game already, but I missed it cause mom got into a fender bender, so we were waiting at the hospital in SDaskatoon all night. Ohh. The good ole days.
I still have a ? for you. What is the best place for me to hit a guy, and where. O and tell Ty to come and play whenever hes in the area. We need some fresh meat lol!!! :twisted: :cowboy:
Last time we played Humboldt we shut them out 5-0 at home-right in your own barn lol. Doesn't your minor hockey put on body checking clinics -besides if your playing rec. hockey it's no contact lol.
Yes, they do, but only if you are registered. I get to check, because in rec its always hard core kick butt!!! lol Ya i know that we arent supposed to, but these are guys 13-21!!! so i can hit them as hard as i want as long as i am willing to get hit back lol. Ya the humboldt team sucks, but I still have faith in them, like the riders lol. Soooo when does Ty come round these areas next? If he wanted, he could come to the sr. rec game (my team) and i couls pull a couple strings and get him a free warm up game lol. The games are Saturday mornings from 8:45-9:45. If you guys are interested, pm me and ill give you more info.
P.S. Hows the honting season treating you up there?

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