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canadian angus

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Feb 11, 2005
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Northwest Saskatchewan
Had a phone call tonite about ML mayor, not well I hear. To bad , one the good side don't you just love the new format, know who is one the board and no more Nebrusker in name only.

See where Lelands are now on the no Canada band wagon.

Hope the snow is up to your wife's arm pits.

CA :roll:
Yea Ca and NR. I called a Canadian business that was listed on one of those R-CALF releases and was he ever mad. One of his US dealers donated something and they used the company name. I hope a head rolled in Montana. We were +10 here this afternoon no snow left just ice and some snow banks that have turned to ice. I see Seven S supply in Sidney is a supporter I guess they won't miss my little bit of business. :cowboy:
What did you hear about Gabe-just about him being sick or did he take a turn for the worse-did Leland's jump on the R-Calf bandwagon or vice versa.
Duh I found it-was sure hoping I didn't see any of my friends listed on there-kind of interesting that Gartner-Denough didn't contribute-maybe still some sanity in northeast Montana.

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