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Not horses, not dogs...KITTENS!

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains

6 kittens minus 1.

After Dixie did away with one, the momma cat moved them to the haystack. Funny, how she knew one was missing. :cry2:
That little grey and white one looks like ours that disappeared/got eaten.
Guess he needed his momma a little longer :cry:
They're alot of fun to watch, especially when they are scaredy cats and walk sideways like a crab.

Here's our latest batch-we get all the neighborhood cats coming over here -lots of hunting scraps -not quite a big enough outfit to need my own Tomcat lol.
Now what are you going to do with all those kittens?
That reminds me of a story about some puppies that I had back when I was in the Navy. About 5 of us sailors lived in a large house in Hawaii. Well the housedog had puppies and we just could not give them away. No one wanted one.
I was a helicopter crewman and thought up the following scam to get rid of the puppies.
We loaded the pups in a parachute bag and strolled in to the maintenance desk to fill out the preflight paper work. I tossed the bag up on the counter where all could see it. When it started squirming around the lady at the desk, ask what I had in the bag. I told her just something I needed to drop out over the ocean to get rid of it. When she found out it was puppies and I was going to drop them over the ocean they were all adopted on the spot.
After that, those ladies in maintenance never did have a kind word to say to me. But the pups got a home.

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