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not sharing the sacrifice.

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do you support more cuts or taxes

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Feb 13, 2005
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Wildwood New Jersey
I have heard alot about cuts to the military, SS, vets, and the poor..

and while I support the efforts to cut... I would like to make two points

as a retired vet.. .I am seeing several areas they are going to cut

I will pay more for prescription drugs..

I will pay a larger co-pay for medical care

I will not get several cost of living increases.

and it looks as if at 65, I will lose my medical and get only medicare..

the cost will amount to somewhere between a few hundred and over a thousand for some vets.

I figure my cost is about three hundred a year.. and for the record I do not mind the "cuts" and support efforts to trim the budget..

now for the questions or should I say points?

isn't this just a tax?

maybe the congress should look at it as a increased revenue?
and in my opinion get real on getting rid of some of the ridicules tax credits and loopholes.. taxes if you must..

but the real question is... Where is Congress's cuts?

yea.. who has proposed cutting their perks? pay?,.. medical? retirement?

so far their list is slim...
Larrry said:
If we keep going in and raising the debt limit, why even have a debt limit. Open the floodgates.

I agree,

I would rather see enough cuts so that the debt limit didn't have to be raised..

but even in business there are times when we go hat in hand to the bank to increase our credit line.. often we have to show how we will get expenses under control and how we will increase revenue enough to pay it off..

I have written to all my representatives today to ask "Where is congress's cuts in their benefits?"..

and found out that all New Jersey representatives in other districts will no longer take e-mails from those not in their district. and so far most have caller ID.. and while thanking me for my time they all hung up before answering my question..

my three representatives staff tried to say they have taken cuts already,.. at which point I reminded them that I had already not received the COLA for the last two years on my Military-retirement pay.. and that seniors had already been cut as well..

they didn't get it.. past cuts do not count when your cutting again... :mad:

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