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Not very good pix of cowhide brand picture

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Liberty Belle

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Feb 10, 2005
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northwestern South Dakota
I wanted to share our brand done with strips of various colors of cowhide that one of our sons gave us for Christmas. It was made by Jan Woods from Newell, SD. Some of you cowboy poets may know her because I understand she's pretty good with the rhyming stuff too.

Northern Rancher – this son is the one who is a friend of Ismay’s. I showed him your picture taken when you dug the calf out of the hay bales and he thinks you were at a skating party Travis’ kids had last winter – but neither of you went skating. I guess because neither of you had your skates along?

I scanned the thing and while it isn't very clear, it sure as heck got big enough. Hope I get this stuff figured out someday.

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