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May 24, 2005
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The Dam End of Silicon Valley
V¬ gave me this new iMac for an early Fathers Day - - I've been two days trying to get it set-up right to no avail - - first it works right and then not.

New Day - Freash mind - Accident

South Valley InterNet is 2 doors down.

Our PC is on a Land Line - V¬'s Mac Laptop is on that same Land Line through Air Port Wire Less

I'd go On-Line with iMac through Wire Less and Set Every thing up - eMail, etc.

Then the next time I'd go on line I'd have to set every thing up again - - iMac would act different every time I'd go on line - Lap Top and iMac would get some eMail and the next time Lap Top would get different eMail than iMac. What the *%&$ going on???????

I had noted the differance in wire less singal strength before. Last night I down louded on-line up grades to iMac - - what should take quite some time was done in seconds - - More Questions

I found out that some times iMac would log-on through our Air Port wireless and the next time it would log-on through the InterNets High Speed wire less from 2 door down. The only way i see to know the differance is in Signal Strengh

Boy is this High Speed Wireless fast