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Now We Quit.

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Feb 22, 2008
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west chilcotin bc
End of another haying year. We've been making a few silage bales for the last two weeks between snows and rain. Have given the cows about 400 bales that we can't get on. Hard to believe how green the grass still is.
This will definately be a year to remember (or forget).

Roundup starts tommorow and have a bit of road work on our driveway before freeze-up. Oh, and if there is time some posts to put in and rocks to pull out of the meadows. (Debbie likes that job. :D )

Next year............
Atta boy gcreek! Now you can look forward to unrolling all that hay you just rolled up :D
We just finished chopping corn and have been hauling bales I do have a couple pieces I could bale yet if I find the time and the weather cooperates the rains have started here and there's trailers need building. No rest for the wicked.I've got 20 acres of corn to pick just have'nt chosen the method four wheeled or 4 legged.I know which is easier.

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