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Obama Slow-Jams, and the Media Dance to the Beat

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Sep 4, 2009
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At first glance, one might think the president and the vice president somehow got their roles reversed. It seems a no-brainer that the commander-in-chief would make the major foreign policy speech and the vice president would be dispatched to carry the less-important message on student loans. But that’s not the way things work in Obama Land, where re-election is Job One. And the key to re-election is to avoid putting the president too far out front on foreign policy, especially regarding the war in Afghanistan. Obama shuns talking publicly about Afghanistan -- as if uttering the word might give him the measles.

With Obama now beset by a worse economy than the recession that defeated the elder Bush, and unable to point to any major success in Afghanistan -- which he once labeled “the right war,” as opposed to Iraq, which he called “the wrong war” -- he now figures the less he talks about it the better.

An April 19 Washington Post story on the photos not only made no mention of Carney’s White House response, it also made no mention of the president. The story contained more than 1,000 words. Not one of them was “Obama.” What happens in Afghanistan apparently is not his problem.


Or as The-Campaigner-in-Chief might say, "what happens in Afghanistan, stays in Afghanistan".

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