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Obama Wins Close or Loses Big

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Sep 4, 2009
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I never pay much attention to polls at this point in a race because I think they're basically worthless. Didn't Dukakis have something like a 17 point lead coming out of the donk convention?

Anyway, this article isn't about polls, it's about Obama the incumbent and his record. A good read IMHO.

The Obama presidency is a big, fat failure, despite all the spin emanating from the White House, Democrat flaks, and the left's petting-zoo media. Americans are living Mr. Obama's economic failure daily; their dreary experiences (or those of family and neighbors) cut right through the liberal-manufactured smoke and fog. Campaigns of distraction distract only monetarily.

In a referendum election, all Mr. Romney has to do is satisfy voters that he's competent, advocates sensible remedies to the nation's economic dilemma, and plans to stop Uncle Sam's profligate spending and not raise taxes. Romney is well-suited to accomplish all three aims. Romney's character hasn't been an issue through a grueling intraparty vetting; it shouldn't be one in the General Election, despite anticipated efforts by Mr. Obama's team and the left to do so.

Successful presidents don't run "Campaigns of Distraction." President Barack Obama, whose economic stimuli failed to stimulate the economy, but instead lined the pockets of powerful Democrat constituencies, needs to distract. A president -- the very same Barack Obama -- whose federal credit card spending has dug the nation into a cavernous debt hole needs distractions.

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